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Living Loving Making Baking Long weekends - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

The long weekend is over which always leaves me wondering what day it is for the rest of the week ahead … which means I’m bound to forget something or miss an appointment at some point!

However, living life a day behind does have its good points, particularly when I realise that we’re actually one day closer to the next weekend than I thought!

My absolute favourite part about long weekends is not having to get up for the school run on Monday morning. It’s like a little taster for the school holidays that are now only a few weeks away, and while the winter can make it a little tricky weather-wise to head outdoors, there’s still plenty of fun to be had and there’s nothing better than a pyjama day at home I say!

Today I’m continuing my new blog series – Living Loving Making Baking. I hope to prepare a monthly post giving an update on what I have been up to lately, things I’m loving, what I’m currently reading or watching, sewing and crochet projects, yummy baking recipes I have come across and so on.

Now I would love to tell you tales of having a fabulous long weekend away on holiday with the family, but in all honesty we spent the three days at home.

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The Big Freeze is coming back to Melbourne! WIN tickets for your family!

The Big Freeze Winter Festival

*In conjunction with The Big Freeze Winter FestivalThis post contains affiliate links.

Grey skies, wet weather and cold temperatures aren’t usually a great combination for enjoying the school holidays, but I have a little something on the blog today that may brighten your mood.

The Big Freeze Winter Festival returns to Melbourne during the July school holidays – bringing the snow experience a little closer to home for many families – and you have the chance to WIN a tickets for you and your family.

You might recall that last year that The Big Freeze Winter Festival kindly offered my family the opportunity to visit the event and also provided me with a family pass to give away to one lucky reader of the blog – you can read my review of the festival here.

I’m pleased to say that I’m able to offer the same to another reader of the blog this year!

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I did it! | 40 days of yoga

I did it Forty Days of Yoga - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

“I, Erika, do solemnly declare that I will practice yoga for forty days in a row. If I miss a day, I start back at day one and continue this process until I have practiced yoga for forty days in a row.”

Since making this commitment to my yoga practice, I have been rolling out my yoga mat each and every day.

As I finished my 40th practice last week to achieve my goal, I was surprised when I was overcome with emotion and wept a few quiet tears of happiness as I lay there in shavasana.

I did it! I had achieved my intention to “show up on my yoga mat every day, no matter how I am feeling or what else I have to do, even if it’s just for a short practice”.

Sometimes it was for 10 minutes, sometimes 30. Sometimes it was relaxing and rejuvenating, sometimes it was energetic and uplifting.

But I think that has to be one of the best aspects of cultivating a home yoga practice – I could take to the mat each day and do what felt right for me in that moment of time.

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