Book reviews for different reading stages and ages

Book reviews for different reading stages and ages - Ever-changing Life of a MumToday on the blog I review three children’s books aimed at different reading stages and ages, from toddlers through to primary school children.

This follows on from last month’s opportunity to ask Dymocks Literacy Expert and State Director of the Australian Literacy Educator’s Association, Ryan Spencer a few questions about encouraging young people to read throughout the school years and beyond.

I learned a great deal from this guest post and was rather happy when I realised that I already have a few of the reading tips and strategies mentioned in place with my girls.

As part of this guest post, Dymocks provided a great list of book recommendations for different age groups and I was lucky enough to receive a book for each of my girls, who are aged one, six and 11, to review.

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10 everyday moments I’m grateful for now that I’m a mum

10 everyday moments I'm grateful for now that I'm a mum - Ever-changing Life of a MumI absolutely adore my kids, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some time to myself. Sometimes all I need is a meagre 10 minutes to feel like a whole new woman again.

I’m sure many of you may be reading this expecting a bunch of mindful mummy moments and important life messages about spending time with my kids, but this post is more about learning to accept where I currently am in my life and enjoying the time – albeit short – that I do get for myself.

Deep down I know it’s not going to be like this forever, so I’m learning to roll with it. It certainly makes any amount of ‘me time’ extra special and can turn a rather mundane and everyday moment into something just that little bit more.

Here are a few mummy, and usually kid-free, moments I have started to truly cherish lately.

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Review: Our trip to the snow a.k.a. The Big Freeze Winter Family Festival

Review The Big Freeze Festival - Ever-changing Life of a MumI never thought I’d be travelling to Cranbourne to see snow, but that’s exactly what I did on the weekend as my family enjoyed an afternoon out at The Big Freeze Festival.

Heading through an inflatable igloo at the entrance, we were greeted with an indoor winter forest complete with pine trees, fake snow, toadstool seats plus even a deer poking through the wilderness and a lamp post reminiscent of the scenes of Narnia.

It made for some magical photos with my girls who were fascinated by the falling foam snow from above.

The nearby inflatable snow dome was a big hit with my kids as were the cubby house village set up to play and explore. I also lost count of the number of times my girls went down the huge inflatable slide.

My girls tested their snowball making and throwing skills with a bucket of snow included with your entry to try out in the snowball toss area. They weren’t bad either I have to say!

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