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So cleaning the bathroom has always been my most detested household chore.

From the strong smelling cleaning products to the ruined items of clothing stained by bleach, a few months ago I decided that there had to be a better way after my asthma flared up following cleaning the bathroom.

My asthma is fairly mild, so for it to be triggered by the fumes of bathroom cleaning products was a worry to me. I didn’t even think I was using anything super powerful as I had already ditched those a little while back hoping it would help with my condition.

I began investigating more natural cleaning alternatives and decided to make a batch of my own. Not only would this help my health, but also the environment and my hip pocket!

I am pleased to say that I haven’t needed to buy any household cleaners since I started to make my own and I can definitely notice the difference in my weekly supermarket bill!


  • You’ll need to buy several (I use four) 500ml spray bottles in which to make up your sprays – I purchased mine from Bunnings.
  • White vinegar – I buy the cheapest, largest bottle I can find at the supermarket.
  • Bicarb soda – once again, I buy the biggest box I can find at the supermarket. I am going to visit Costco again soon so I am interested to see what they might have.
  • Essential oils – I purchased mine from Dusk.
  • A shaker to sprinkle on plain bicarb soda – I purchased a stainless steel one from Big W, however the supermarkets also sell bicarb in a plastic refillable shaker.
  • Cheap dish brush – I picked up mine from Kmart.
  • Microfibre cloths, including one for glass/mirrors and several others for benches, tiles, etc.


Here are few of my favourite cleaning concoctions and supplies, but you could easily alter the essential oils to one of your favourites if you wish.

All purpose bathroom cleaner

1/2 cup white vinegar
About 15 drops of eucalyptus oil
Fill remainder of bottle with water.

Disinfectant bathroom spray

Fill bottle with white vinegar
About 10 drops lavender oil

Kitchen cleaner spray

1/2 cup white vinegar
About 5 drops each of orange, lemon and lavender oils
Fill remainder of bottle with water

Glass and mirror cleaner

1/2 cup white vinegar
Fill remainder of bottle with water

Shaker filled with bicarb soda

Additional cleaning tips:

Some mixes I came across online add bicarb directly into the shaker bottle, but I found this left a residue on the benches after I wiped them down so I no longer do this. Instead, I use a shake of bicarb on really tough to clean places, particularly in the bathroom.

Toilet – pour in some vinegar, sprinkle bicarb soda inside the toilet bowl and let it sit and fizz while you continue cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Later, scrub out the toilet and then use the disinfectant spray to wipe down the outside of the toilet. I use toilet paper and flush when done (not very environmentally friendly I know, but it works for me).

Bench tops and basins – sprinkle bicarb on any areas needing a heavy duty clean (i.e. around taps, sink hole, etc) then spray with all purpose bathroom cleaner and let it sit and fizz. Then I wipe down the bench tops using all purpose spray and also clean the mirror above the sink.

Inside shower – spray inside of shower screens and tiles with all purpose or disinfectant spray, depending on how dirty they are. Wipe using a damp microfibre cloth. I then go over shower screens with a dry microfibre cloth for glass. For any stubborn areas or mouldy areas, I shake on some bicarb soda or make a paste with some water and scrub it onto the area using a dish brush.

For the drain – I remove the grate, shake some bicarb into the pipe and on to the grate and let it sit for a couple of minutes, then scrub with dish brush.

For the outside of the showerscreens – I use the glass and mirror spray and wipe with a microfibre cloth for glass.

Happy breathe-easy cleaning!

8 thoughts on “All natural cleaning products

  1. Thanks for the fantastic tips Erika! We have been trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we use in our home too, and I managed to pick up a 6kg bag of baking soda at Costco earlier this year.

    Congratulations on your blog and making the decision to spend more time with your family. I did the same thing about five years ago and it was the right decision for our family too – we have never looked back!

  2. Great tips. Also newspaper is great for cleaning windows, and you’re recycling what you’ve read! Lol.
    Plus normal dishwashing detergent is great on clothing stains. Think what it is used for….washing grime, fat, dirty plates…..I use it for the oven, the carpets if food spills, clothing stains….dripping icecream and chocolate or red wine! Love your bench spray…going to do that as the free from one from local supermarket is hopeless!

  3. Some great tips Erika. I started using vinegar when we moved here as we have a septic system and was amazed with how well it works..and wondered why i hadn’t done it sooner…Costco also has vinegar in 5lt containers.

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