Surprise! … and baby makes three

Hello babyThere was no denying those two pink stripes on the test – I was pregnant again!

We already have two beautiful girls and while my husband and I had discussed the possibility of a third, we could never reach a mutual decision.

In the end that choice was made for us and while this pregnancy is not planned, it is certainly not unwanted either.

It took some time to get over the initial shock and emotions were running extremely high, to say the least. But at the same time, my husband and I both knew this was a blessing and obviously meant to be.

Seeing my little girls so excited by the news that they are going to have a little baby brother or sister really helped me come to terms with what lay ahead. And they surprisingly managed to keep it a secret until after my 12 week scan which showed a beautiful healthy baby growing in my belly!

My parents were over the moon,  although they could sense my uneasiness. They said we would make it work, just like they had with me and my siblings. Apparently, I was not a planned pregnancy either and look how well I turned out (wink!). Little does my mum know that hearing those words made me feel a million times better and I started to smile again.

It was the ongoing nausea that first got me wondering whether I was pregnant, followed by a blood nose or two (which I never get). I purchased a three-pack of pregnancy tests – because just one was never going to convince me! Two positives results and I was off to the doctor who also confirmed it with a blood test – just over four weeks pregnant with a due date in late March.

In those first few weeks my mind was in a million places at once. I had only left work about six weeks beforehand to launch my freelance writing business, and I was still working out how to set up this blog at the same time as processing this exciting news.

On a practical side, we had already donated or sold most of our baby items besides just a few toys and keepsakes, so we were going to have to start from scratch. Luckily, I hadn’t got around to downsizing my car to something a little zippier, which had also been on the cards.

Ebay has become my new best friend as I start to make arrangements for the baby’s room. At least third time round, I know exactly what I need so hope to set things up pretty thriftily.

Fast forward to today and I’m just over 22 weeks pregnant. The morning sickness (more like 24 hour a day sickness!) finally subsided after about 18 weeks of intense nausea and feeling totally wiped out, and I’m starting to get back into all the new routines I had set into place at home upon leaving work. My belly is rapidly growing and I’m feeling plenty of little thumps from the inside – hello baby!

Just a couple of weeks ago my husband and I once again got to see our gorgeous healthy baby at my 20 weeks ultrasound. It appears as though we will soon be welcoming another little girl into the family – oh my poor husband, he’ll be totally outnumbered, luckily our Labrador is a boy!

Some exciting (and I’m sure occasionally challenging) times lay ahead as my family and I embark on the next chapter of this ever-changing life.


2 thoughts on “Surprise! … and baby makes three

  1. My 3rd was a surprise and so I had 3 in 3.5 years as well as running my own freelance writing business from home, so we have much in common. It’s a lot less worrisome with your third but VERY busy. Just make sure you ask for help and learn to let some unimportant things go! Congrats – babies are magic.

    • Thank you Emily and I really appreciate your advice. Wow, you must have been so busy to have 3 under 3! By the time this little bubs arrives both of my girls will be at school, which will hopefully provide some breathing space during the day, although that also means fitting baby’s ‘routine’ around school drop offs, pick ups and after school activities! Yikes! I think it will definitely be a matter of taking every day as it comes.

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