Why I encourage my daughter to listen to Taylor Swift

Thank you Taylor SwiftI have to totally admit that I love the fact that my daughter is totally in love with Taylor Swift and her music.

Of all the pop idols to follow, I’m glad she found one so grounded and who actually represents a good role model for young girls and teenagers.

I had no hesitation in taking my nine-year-old to Taylor Swift’s last two concerts (and I’m sure I will do so again when she returns to Australia next year), as I much prefer her to listen to Taylor than other female singers who belt out excruciating lyrics about getting so intoxicated they can’t remember what they did the night before or brushing teeth with Jack Daniels when they get up in the morning. Not to mention the stage shows that are totally inappropriate for the young audience of which makes up a large amount of their fan base.

So recently when Taylor Swift was slammed by many critics for her latest single ‘Shake It Off’ for not being ‘country’ enough I just rolled my eyes. As the lyrics say – haters gonna hate. It’s a spoof people, with the video clip a take off of all the things that she is not and shows how she is comfortable with who she is and where she is headed.

And so Taylor should be.

My admiration of  this 24-year-old continued to grow in the past few months when she replied to an Instagram message from a young fan suffering from bullying at school. Taylor’s response was heartfelt and full of empathy, encouraging the girl to be herself and that she understood what she was feeling as she had been in exactly the same position herself. And look at where she is now! Yep, haters gonna hate but keep on dancing no matter what!

I have always told my daughter that she needs to be true to herself, that the world would be a boring place if we all acted the same and liked the same things. That she needs to lead the way in her own future and so long as she does her best that’s all that counts. If she can have songs created by role models like Taylor Swift to keep that passion going, then  it can only be a good thing.

I don’t know Taylor personally, nor her parents, but from this mum to hers I wish to thank you for raising such a decent young lady who provides girls across the globe with such a great role model. They are few and far between these days and it should be congratulated.

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  1. I also love Taylor swift and am really hoping we get tickets to next years concert here in Brisbane. My girls love her and my 9yo musician (plays drums and just started guitar) looks up to Taylor the most of all her music idols. I think her being true to her evolution as a musician is an important lesson to her audience. She is creating from herself not trying to feed a machine so even though country is where she started she is allowed to evolve and make her own choices.

  2. I LOVE Taylor Swift, I think she is an excellent role model. There are a lot of people around for our children to look up to that seem to embody bad behaviour, so it is really great to see such a talented young lady with a working moral compass. I really like Shake It Off, and then when I saw the film clip I loved it even more!

  3. Our eldest has been a huge Taylor Swift fan since her beginning and has been her inspiration to follow her passion for singing and songwriting. Now our Miss 9 is a huge fan also, and will be going to her first concert next year when she tours. I think Taylor is down to earth, relatable and sensible. Hard to find in a celebrity these days. And she’s not afraid to take risks and follow her heart. Does’t get much better!

  4. I think it’s great that there are still some good youngsters out there that children can look up to – I hope you manage to get tickets and that you both enjoy her concert !
    Have a great day xox

  5. I saw that Instagram message – what a wise young woman she is, no doubt having learnt the hard way how to deal with people saying awful things about her. I have to say that “Shake It Off” is one of the mental soundtracks I play whenever I cop grief for something I’ve written. Love it.

  6. Swifty is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is more about boobs and booty shaking than raw talent (I just cringe when I watch music videos now). She is proof however that you don’t need to take your clothes off to be successful. And her songs are ridiculously catchy!

  7. Taylor Swift or T Swiz as my little 25 year old sister would refer to her as is just GORGEOUS!
    I agree with everything you have said about her Erika.
    After hearing about my little sisters chance of lifetime meeting ( I’m talking a conversation face to face) with Taylor last time she toured Australia I had even more respect for her. My sister explained how lovely she REALLY is, taking time to talk with each and everyone of her specially selected after concert guests (my sister attended her Brisbane concert and was selected from the crowd during the concert to go back stage with a selected few others afterwards, truly amazing!)
    She is just lovely, needless to say Aunty 25 gave our 7-year-old Daughter a Taylor Swift 2015 Calendar and CD for Christmas, which I will enjoy too!
    I will add my little sister is off to see T Swiz in America in May plus she has a ticket to see her In Oz later this year.
    Have great week xx

    • Wow that would be absolutely amazing!! My 9 year old would LOVE to meet Taylor Swift! She too got a Taylor Swift calendar, DVD and book to add her growing collection of TS memorabilia and is looking forward to going to the concert in December. Hope your sister has a great time in America, that sounds fabulous!

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