Simple Christmas craft ideas: cute handprint wreath and paper bunting

The school holidays are finally here! If you are looking for some simple craft ideas to keep the children entertained in the lead up to Christmas, why not try out one of these super easy activities?

Handprint paper wreath

Handprint wreath - Ever-changing Life of a MumThis is something my youngest daughter’s childcare centre created when she was about 18 months old. It is one of my favourite Christmas decorations that I continue to put up year after year because it is just so cute and makes me smile. It is so easy to make too!

What you need:
Paper plate
White paper
Green poster paint
Wide Christmas ribbon or a pre-made bow
Stapler, glue or double sided tape
Sticky tape
Hole punch (optional)

How to make:
First, help your child to make about 10 handprints (same hand) using the green paint.

Allow these to dry then cut out each hand print.

Cut out and remove the centre of the paper plate so you are just left with the outside ring.

Attach the handprints around the edge of the ring to form the green wreath by either stapling, gluing or using double sided tape. Leave a small space near the bottom of the ring to attach the bow or ribbon.

Attach the pre-made Christmas bow by cutting a small slot through the paper plate ring and pushing the small pipe cleaner through and sticking in place on the back of the wreath. Alternatively, if using ribbon use a hole punch or cut two slits for the ribbon to be pushed through and tie a bow on the front.

Christmas bunting

Christmas bunting - Ever-changing Life of a MumI was inspired to make this bunting last Christmas after flicking through an interior design magazine. I came across a photo of a gorgeous living room beautifully decorated for Christmas featuring a simple bunting using gold letters to spell out ‘NOEL’.

I set about creating my own version and decided to use red and green paint to create a ‘MERRY XMAS’ message, using the abbreviation purely due to the space I had available to hang up the bunting.

This was so simple to make that my nine year old daughter did the painting for me and I just helped her thread it all together.

The best thing is you can choose whatever colours or letters you wish to create your own personalised message.

What you need:
A4 paper or card (I used white), cut in half
Thin ribbon (I used silver gift wrapping ribbon)
Water colour or poster paint (I used red and green)
Thick paint brush
Hole punch

How to make:
Firstly, cut the A4 sheets of paper in half to create enough A5 sheets to fit the message for your bunting.

On each A5 sheet paint a single letter of your message and leave to dry.

Use the hole punch to create two holes at the top of each A5 sheet.

Thread the ribbon through each letter in order to create your personalised message.

Then simply hang on the wall.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. That handprint wreath is a fantastic idea. My friend’s 3yr old made a tree ornament at daycare this year and I know she treasures it so this would be a fabulous addition!


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