Staying in holiday mode

Staying in holiday mode - Ever-changing Life of a MumSand, sand everywhere. We have returned earlier this week from a few lovely days at the beach. It was so nice to get away, forget about all the usual routines and chores that need to be done around the house and just relax.

Mobile and internet reception was intermittent to say the least, so while I kept an eye on my social media accounts and email every now and then, I also made a decision to put this aside during our holiday and enjoy the time I had to spend with my family.

Staying in holiday mode 1 - Ever-changing Life of a MumIn just a few short days we created some great family memories. Building sand castles on the beach, the girls catching waves with their boogie boards, eating fish and chips on the foreshore, playing bocce in the backyard of our beach house, reading, listening to music and just chilling.

Even the huge squall we experienced on our first afternoon at the beach in 40-plus degree weather – our belongings flying around the beach as the kids hunted for their thongs in ridiculously strong winds and the sand whipping at our legs – will be remembered!

I have to admit that switching off was tricky. I kept feeling like I should be doing more to grow my blog, almost like I was neglecting my new ‘baby’ by not writing any blog posts. Even though the blogger inside of me still couldn’t resist taking photos for use on my blog! What can I say, you can keep the blogger away from her computer but you can’t keep a blogger from, well, being a blogger!

Staying in holiday mode 3 - Ever-changing Life of a MumThese feelings were similar to what I experienced when I left work at the middle of the year. It was hard to wind down the feeling of needing to be busy and that I should be doing more, even though it was exactly the opposite that my mind and body was crying out for.

I kept having to take deep breaths and remind myself that the very reason I resigned from my job in the first place was to spend more time with my family. That it was ok to knock back casual work because I didn’t feel quite ready yet or feel guilty because I wasn’t working very hard to drum up any freelance writing work.

Staying in holiday mode 2 - Ever-changing Life of a MumNow that we are back home and reality has set back in, I have come to accept these feelings and have made a decision to remain in holiday mode for a little while longer.

The school holidays really seem to be whizzing by and I want to enjoy every moment … plus there’s always the sand to act as a reminder.

4 thoughts on “Staying in holiday mode

  1. I remember feeling the same when I started blogging. These days I just enjoy the time off from things. The blogging world is slow over this time of year anyway, so enjoy the break and then jump back in. xx

  2. Great photos, Erika! And yes, from personal experience I know it takes a bit of adjusting to go from working to committing full time with your family. But seriously, aren’t the rewards being a mum are on a completely different level from anything you’ve experienced in the work force? Enjoy the rest of the school holidays! x

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