My Liebster Award: Ever-changing Life of a Mum

LiebsterAward-300x264I was quite excited when I discovered via a Facebook post that I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by a fellow blogger.

Thanks so much for my nomination Life doesn’t end at mum. It took me a little longer than expected to pull it all together, what with school holidays only coming to an end last week, that in the meantime I have also been nominated by The Laney Files. Thank you!

I have seen a few of these posts doing the rounds on Facebook but never thought I’d receive one given that I have only been blogging for a few months.

Here are the rules:

Liebster Award rules

Now I realise that the whole point of the Liebster Award is not only to introduce my lovely readers and followers to some other new blogs that are out there, but also to help out newbie bloggers like myself to build their communities and get to know them in the process.

This post also gives my readers the opportunity to learn a little more about me, so without further ado …

Here are the answers to my 11 questions as posed by Life doesn’t end at mum.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Many people would already know that I’m addicted to Nutella, but my guilty pleasure would be eating it straight out of the jar. It’s something I have done since I was a kid, there’s no better way to eat it!

How long have you been blogging?
I launched my blog in November 2014 after leaving my full time communications job to spend more time with my young family. This decision was a big one (read more about it here) and has given me the opportunity to pursue freelance writing and set up my blog – I’m loving it!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
The freedom to write about the topics I choose to. It’s been so liberating to leave behind all the corporate jargon and just write from the heart. A friend/reader recently told me that she could really hear my voice in my work and that meant so much to me! The blogging community has also been so welcoming, it’s amazing!

How did you choose your blog name?
I wanted a name that explained the changing nature of parenthood from one period of time to the next. With both of my children now in primary school I felt there were a lot of expectations on me to ramp up my career, but what I really needed to do was the exact opposite and be there for my daughters’ emotional needs. I have come to realise that parenting is an ever-changing journey. These travels will lead us down constantly evolving paths that wind and change as we reach different stages of our lives.

What makes you smile?
Good times spent with my husband and children – there’s nothing better!

How do you take your coffee?
Full fat mocha. Forget the skim, it’s all the way or no way if I have coffee! I’m actually a fairly recent coffee convert, before that it was only hot chocolate or English breakfast tea.

Where in the world do you live?
I live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

If you had 1 day to yourself, what would you do?
A day of relaxation at a day spa with a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure finished off with a nice glass of champagne (when I’m not pregnant) and a lovely dinner with my husband.

What is your dream holiday?
I love holidaying tropical islands where you can relax by the beach or pool, cocktail in hand and truly forget about the time, routines, appointments and commitments. But that being said, my ultimate dream holiday would be a trip to the United States, particularly Disneyworld, LA and New York.

What is your favourite food?
Well, I’ve already mentioned my obsession with Nutella … but a good Thai green curry of Indian Butter Chicken with naan bread are among my favourites dishes.

Are you a texter or caller?
While I love a chat on the phone with a good friend, I’m usually a texter. But that text would usually involve making a time for our next coffee and cake catch up so we can have an even better chat face to face!

And now here are my answers to those questions posed by The Laney Files:

How long have you been blogging for?
I launched my blog in November 2014.

Lollies or chocolate?
Definitely chocolate!

How many siblings do you have?
I have three siblings – two brothers and a sister. I am the youngest!

Last place you went on holiday?
A lovely beach holiday to Phillip Island, Victoria with my family after Christmas.

One thing that most people don’t know about you?
My random facts listed below name quite a few of these!

What did you have for lunch today?
I’m planning to make a yummy salad sandwich.

The last concert or show you went to?
I went to see Robbie Williams’ Swing tour – our seats were upgraded upon entry and we were so close to the stage, it was awesome!

If I gave you $500 dollars, and told you that you had to spend it tomorrow on something you love, what would it be?
I’d book a weekend away for me and my husband. I seriously can’t remember the last time we had a weekend away just the two of us since having our girls.

What’s your star sign?
I’m a Scorpio.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to your adolescent self?
Always be true to yourself and follow your heart – I’m already telling Miss 9 the same thing.

What do you do to unwind?
Enjoying a nice glass of champagne (when I’m not pregnant) while reading a good book or magazine on my sun lounge on our back deck.

Here are my 11 random facts:

1. I’m of German heritage. Both of parents were born in Germany, however I was born and raised here in Australia.
2. I love champagne!
3. I love Labradors (my crazy chocolate is the best) and would never get another breed!
4. One of my favourite movies is Marley and Me – Labradors, journalism, raising a family. It’s almost my life!
5. Supernatural is my favourite television series.
6. I’d love to live by the beach one day.
7. I’m the only one in my immediate family to have red hair, which I got from my great great grandfather on my dad’s side. I have now passed the gene on to my eldest daughter who has the most beautiful red hair.
8. My youngest daughter was 10 pounds when she was born! Not hoping for a repeat performance when baby #3 arrives in March!
9. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 12 years.
10. I’m a big Michael Buble fan.
11. The last movie I saw was Paper Planes with my girls during the school holidays.

Here are the 11 blogs I am nominating:

1. The Builder’s Wife
2. The Nonsense of It
3. Rosehips and Rhubarb
4. History of Parenting
5. Tully and Mishka
6. My Mum, the Teacher
7. Fabulous and Fun Life
8. Mum-bo-Jumbo
9. Be Happy Go Lovely
10. Keep Calm Get Organised
11. Our 3 kids v the world

Here are the 11 questions I’d like my nominees to answer:

1. How did you choose your blog name?
2. How long have you been blogging?
3. What do you love about blogging?
4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
5. What was the last book you read and movie you saw?
6. Where do you like to go on holiday?
7. What was the first concert you ever attended?
8. Cats or dogs?
9. Sweet or savoury?
10. If you had one day to yourself, how would you spend it?
11. If you could invite three celebrities to a dinner party who would they be?

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to pop over and say hi to Life doesn’t end at mum and The Laney Files who both kindly nominated me for this award.



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