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Getting ready for baby - Ever-changing Life of a MumWowsers! It only feels like yesterday that I was in the bathroom staring at those two pink lines on the pregnancy test wondering if what I was seeing was real.

Fast forward and today I’m 33 weeks pregnant and suddenly realising that I still have a lot to organise for the arrival of our baby girl #3.

While the nursery has been painted and the main furniture items are moved in, there is so much I need to do!

Given that this little baby is a surprise bundle of joy (you can read more about that here), we are pretty much starting from scratch. We already donated or sold the majority of our baby items last year – I think the only thing we have left is our pram and a few keepsakes from my other two girls!

Luckily, third time round I have a fairly good idea of the things I need. Plus, they grow so quickly!

But even the other day, I was in a baby store surrounded by so many baby products that I began to feel quite overwhelmed. The marketing is so powerful! I saw so many soon-to-be first time mums with all these gadgets and gizmos in their hands and I just felt like walking up to them and saying ‘pop it back, you really don’t need to buy that, it might promise to make life easier for you and your bub but really you’re better off just saving that money’.

I have to say that eBay has been my best friend for a lot of the major items I have purchased, such as the cot, bassinet, change table and rocker. Plus, one of my best friends kindly gifted me a bunch of sheet sets, wraps and other items which are in fabulous condition, and I am ever so grateful for this. However, there are some things I would always buy brand new, such as the cot mattress.

So here is the list I have used as my guide for pulling together the much needed baby essentials. There are some things listed as optional as it depends on your personal situation and preference, but I have listed them all just in case:


Cot mattress
Bassinet and mattress (optional)
Change mat
Change table (or dresser at a suitable height to place change mat on)
Change table organiser/baskets
Chair for feeding
Baby monitor
Set of drawers
Storage unit/shelving
Night light
Music player
Soft baby music/lullabies

Nappy change

Newborn nappies – disposable*
Nappy bags
Barrier cream
Change mat soft cover
Washable waterproof change mats x4
Nappy bucket (optional, depending on how convenient it is to place soiled nappies directly into the bin after changing your baby)
*I’m also trialling the use of modern cloth nappies so am buying a selection of multi-fit cloth nappies in 3-4 brands to see if I like them as well as some cloth wipes.

Out and about

Baby sling
Car seat
Window shade
Nappy bag

Bath time

Baby bath*
Towels x4 (optional, use your existing if you have enough)
Wash cloths
Baby wash
Baby oil
Baby moisturising cream
Bath toys
Bath thermometer
* I prefer baby baths without a moulded seat as then you can continue to use the baby bath inside your regular bath as your baby grows older, saving you from having to fill the full tub.


Maternity bras
Breast pads
Pillow for feeding (a firm regular or U-shaped pillow is fine)
Breast pump (optional, if required)
Baby bottles x 6-8 (optional, if required)
Bottle brush (optional, if required)
Tin of baby formula (optional, if required)
Formula divided container (optional, if required)


Singlet suits Size 000 (with button fastening) x 10* **
Baby all-in-one suits or top and bottom outfits Size 000 x10*
Socks x4
Cardigans/jackets x2
Bibs x10
Beanie x2
*While you could possibly get away with 6 of these, I prefer to have a few extras as we all know how much babies love to throw up and leak nappies, plus it’s good to have a couple of spares in the nappy bag.
** I prefer singlet suits over basic singlets as they button in the crotch and don’t ride up the baby’s back.


Play mat/play gym
Baby toys (rattles, soft toys, etc)

Sleep time

Fitted cotton sheets x3*
Cotton blankets x3
Thick blanket x1
Mattress protector x3*
Wraps x10
Dummy x2
Baby sleeping bag x2 (optional)
*My motto is one to use, one to wash, one to have spare.

Other items

Nipple cream
Maternity sanitary pads

Hope this helps with setting up your nursery and preparing for baby! Let’s hope I haven’t missed anything! What hints or tips do you have for preparing for a new baby?

18 thoughts on “Getting ready for baby

    • Great minds think alike! Don’t worry a month ago I was in exactly the same position as you and was only beginning to think how I should really start to get some things organised for this baby – particularly as we are pretty much starting from scratch! I’m glad you find the list useful … although I’m sure I’ve forgotten something! Good luck with the arrival of your little bub!

  1. Oh you are so organised! That list will be handy for any other soon to be mothers out there aswell. The next seven weeks will fly! Eeek 🙂

    • I know, there really isn’t long to go. The whole pregnancy seems to have gone by so quickly, I think because I’m so busy with my two other girls. I hope others find the list useful. It’s very easy to go crazy and buy too much then later look back and realise you really didn’t need it after all.

  2. How very exciting. I have a similar photo when Dora was a few weeks away from arriving 🙂 A great list. Very helpful indeed.

  3. You have a pretty comprehensive list there. I love your motto when it comes to the sheets – great suggestion! Thanks for linking up at the Tots and Toddlers Thursday Link Up Party!

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