10 minutes for me

10 minutes for me - Ever-changing Life of a MumTen minutes a day. That’s what I have decided to give to myself.

It might not sound like much, but I know those precious minutes are going to be the best thing for me.

Last week, I started on this journey by downloading some lovely meditations created especially for mums and reconnecting with myself for just a few minutes before the craziness of school pick up and activities.

I was amazed how I felt afterwards. My children greeted a calm and centred mum who was ready to listen to their stories and enjoy the rest of the day with them. I couldn’t believe the difference as some days I am just so tired by the afternoon – being 36 weeks pregnant during summer certainly doesn’t help that situation!

On the weekend, I was ever so tired after making dinner and cleaning up. I told my girls I just needed 10 minutes, so I sat down, popped in my ear phones and listened to another meditation. I felt re-focused and so much better afterwards, ready to tackle the evening ahead.

Some days I feel that everyone wants – and gets – a little piece of me, everyone except me.

I spend time with my girls, talk with them about their days, help them with their homework, ferry them to and from after school activities. I keep the house clean and tidy, wash our family’s  clothes, make dinner. I try to ensure my husband and I have some time to ourselves to nurture our relationship. In a few short weeks we’ll be adding another little girl to our family so in the back of my mind  I know my time will be spread even thinner.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute I spend with my family. The decision I made over six months ago to leave my work to focus on my family has been the best decision I ever made. I feel ever so lucky to be in this position. So sometimes having these thoughts actually makes me feel a little selfish and guilty.

Yes, I have my blog to keep my writing and creativity flowing – I totally love it and am grateful for this opportunity. But still the question comes up in my mind – what do I do to nurture and truly connect with me?

So for just 10 minutes a day I’m going to give myself that time. It might not seem like much but it’s the opportunity to embrace a few moments of today, reconnect and give myself the attention I deserve.

Whether it be through a short guided meditation and relaxation; sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee without interruption; a short sequence of yoga poses; soaking my feet in the foot spa and enjoying the warmth and relief; going for a short walk around the block and taking in the fresh air and sunshine; reading a book and noticing the turn of each page; writing in my gratitude journal; even just moisturising my hands or body and savouring the touch and breathing in the  fragrance.

Some time to enjoy the simple things. No rushing. No over-thinking. Just being.

In time, I hope to increase this time by heading back to my hatha yoga class, enjoying some more exercise, reading, writing, or whatever it may be.

But for now it’s 10 minutes a day. Just for me.

What do you do just for you?

48 thoughts on “10 minutes for me

  1. What a great idea! Have you got Leonie Percy’s book Mother Om? It is a lovely book to give you 5 min meditations and time out for mums just as you have described. Enjoy your time out.

  2. 10 minutes to sit and enjoy and cup of tea (and actually drink all of it) is heaven to me! It’s the little things 🙂 I like the sound of your short guided meditations Erika – can you recommend any good ones?

    • It’s amazing how something so simple, such as actually enjoying a full hot cup of tea), can also mean so much. I purchased my most recent meditations online from Happy Mama – they are lovely and I highly recommend them – but there are plenty of others out there, even some great apps for your phone.

  3. 10 minutes can go a long way, can’t it? I take a little meditation break in the car after I drop the boys off and before I start work. It does wonders.

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