Getting ready for baby: Your hospital bag checklist

Your hospital bag checklist - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

This is the second part of my ‘Getting ready for baby series’ – click here to view the first post on preparing for your bub’s arrival.

Regardless of whether it has been my first or now my third baby, I always put off packing my bags for my impending trip to hospital.

Even when I was pregnant with my first – Miss 9 – I recall starting our six-week prenatal classes at 30 weeks at which time the midwife asked if we all had our bags packed. I laughed and said I still had more than two months to go why on earth would I have my bags packed already?! She looked somewhat horrified…

Each week, the midwife continued to ask whether I had packed my bag. However, I just don’t think I was mentally ready to accept that my labour could be so imminent. Finally in our last class, at 36 weeks pregnant, I put my hand up and said ‘You’ll be proud of me, I finally packed my bag’ which was greeted with a large round of congratulations and clapping from the midwife and other class members.

Fast forward to today, and here I am at 37 weeks pregnant with my third child and my bags are finally packed. I do find it awfully tricky though, because a lot of the things in that bag I still need to use or wear over the next few weeks. It’s kind of like I’m travelling and living out of my luggage at the moment … except minus the beautiful tropical island!

So, for all those other mummas-to-be struggling to pack their hospital bags, here is a rough checklist I used to pull everything together for me and baby. Exactly what you take will vary between person to person, your birth plan, hospital, planned length of stay and how you intend to feed baby, so it’s always worth checking with the maternity ward of your hospital.

For Mum

Maternity notes/records
Dressing gown or cardigan
Slippers or thongs
Nightie/t-shirt for labour
Toiletries (including deoderant, hair brush, hair ties and clips, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, BB cream, small hand sanitiser, etc)
Comfortable pants (tracksuits pants, yoga pants, leggings, etc) x5
Underwear x7
Pyjamas x3
Nursing bras x4
Tops (singlets, T-shirts, etc) x5
Maternity pads x2 packs
Breast pads x1 pack
Ipod (plus charger)
Ipod speaker
Mobile phone

For baby

Sleepsuits x5
Singletsuits x5
Wraps x4
Baby blanket x2
Socks (if sleepsuits are not footed)
Going home outfit
Baby bottle (optional)
Formula (optional)
Dummies (optional)
Bibs x4
Barrier cream
Baby wash
Baby moisturiser
Nappy bags
Nappies (if not supplied by hospital)

I hope this helps with packing your bags for hospital. I figure I can always send my husband, family member or a friend home to collect something if I run out or have forgotten something.

All the best with the impending arrival of your bubs!

30 thoughts on “Getting ready for baby: Your hospital bag checklist

  1. I’m 28 weeks today… Still not ready to start packing although I do like to be organised. I will do it in a couple of weeks probably… Then add to it as I go 😉 Glad to hear you are ready to go now. So close.

  2. Great list! Don’t forget some food! I’ve never felt much like eating when in labour but like to have a bottle of water and a bottle of some power drink to sip on. Then I’m usually really hungry afterwards so have some snacks ready (hospital meals won’t be enough!). Or some cash so you can send someone out to the bakery or for takeaways!

    • Wow really? I remember the hospital bringing me so much food that I was constantly hearing the food trolley coming down the hallway with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper that I never had time to eat it all – I used to tell my husband to finish it so it wouldn’t go to waste! But thanks for the reminder about some snacks during labour, I do recall bringing in some jelly beans or the like, not that I really felt like eating, and I had a big jug of water and ice chips on hand from the hospital. I’m so looking forward to eating whatever I like again!

  3. Oh gosh – you’re bringing back so many memories! I adored that time when a baby was due, then when you first meet him or her, then that gorgeous time in hospital away from the usual responsibilities at home – to bond and get to know each other. Your list looks pretty comprehensive to me. It looks like you’re organised – and anyway – if you forget or need something – hubby can always bring it to you. Good luck and enjoy (well apart from the ouchy part) 😉 xo

  4. Very organised if you ask me. 36 weeks is fine to pack a bag. Only thing I would add is lip gloss. Air con in hospitals are horrible and a slick of lipgloss before visitors was alI was going to manage to make myself presentable.

  5. What a helpful list. I had to google a list like this when I was packing in May 2013. I was shocked at the size (and cost) of maternity pads. It looks like a small mouse could float home on one. haha!
    What about packing some lactation cookies? It’s on my brain because I just posted a recipe for them and thought “I must freeze some cookie dough before I have the next one.”

  6. I’m with you….with both my kids I didn’t pack my bags until the end (lucky they didn’t come early!) I just don’t think I was in the zone by then either. Enjoy the next couple of weeks before you become a family of 3 and hope all goes well 🙂

  7. A very helpful list! I went into labour with my first baby at 37 weeks and had not packed a thing… I remember waddling through Coles trying to find maternity pads, breast pads and lip balm for my hospital bag as I was having contractions!! I highly recommend packing beforehand!!

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