On having three girls

On having three girls - Ever-changing Life of a MumGirl or boy? Throughout this pregnancy, I have been constantly asked if we know whether we’re having a girl or a boy.

We already have two beautiful girls – Miss 9 and Miss 5 – who are very excited to welcome another little sister to the family later this month.

Yes, that’s right, we are having another girl (so long as the scans are right!). So that will make three girls. Three girls who have their own futures ahead of them and in this day and age can be anything they want to be regardless of their gender.

Which is why the reaction to having three girls really perplexes me.

“Oh your poor husband,” they say. Actually my husband loves his girls.

“Tell him to get the shotgun ready for when they are older.” Um, we don’t own one. So how about we just try to raise three confident, resilient girls with a good head on their shoulders instead?

“Oh wait til you have three teenage girls in the house.” And what if I had two teenage girls and one teenage boy in the house, would that make it any better?

“Oh well, at least you’ll have lots of hand me downs to use.” OK, this is true, although we already got rid of most of our baby things. Also, every child is different – Miss 5 is quite sensitive to particular clothing so she didn’t wear all that much of Miss 9’s clothes anyway.

“Better start saving for three weddings.” I really don’t think this is the case anymore, I think I would be contributing to my children’s weddings regardless of their gender.

“Is your husband disappointed he’s not going to have a son?” I have to say I found this question the most offensive. If you knew my husband I think you’d realise that while he would love a son, he loves his daughters just as much.

“Do you think you’ll go back for another boy?” No.

So seriously, when is having a girl such a terrible thing?

The way I see it, when I welcome my little one in my arms at the end of the month, I think I will feel pretty fortunate to have three healthy, happy children. Gender makes no difference to me.

Do you have three or more children of the same sex? What are your experiences?


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  1. As I write this I wonder if your new daughter has arrived yet? If so, congratulations! I think the only thing you need to worry about with three girls is fighting over the bathroom! Hahaha

    I have one son and didn’t find out his gender but I just knew he was a boy. I babysat my niece recently (who is 3 months older than Master 2) and afterwards I said to my husband I was secretly pleased I didn’t have a girl because I had no idea what to do with her! Seriously. That’s crazy!

    Thanks for linking up at the fortnightly Tots and Toddlers Thursday Link Up Party, hope to see you again tomorrow (but understand if you are busy with the new baby!!)

  2. I sooooo hear you!! Wait until you hear what they say when you have 4 girls! My hubby loves his girls and wouldn’t have traded them for anything. It gets to a point where you just know that it’s probably going to be easier if they were all the same sex anyway, I mean can you imagine having 3 older sisters!

    • I think there’s a certain bond between mothers of all girls, it seems we have all experienced the same comments! Ha, as much as I love my three girls I don’t think we’re going to get to #4 … I’m certain this gorgeous little baby is going to my last so I’m enjoying every moment x

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