Celebrating Easter, teacher gifts and crafts

Celebrating Easter teacher gifts crafts - Ever-changing Life of a MumI seriously cannot believe that Easter is only a couple of weeks away. How did this happen?

The weekend before last, I decided it was time to pull out our Easter decorations. While they are no where near as over the top as our Christmas decorations and lights, I still love the feel it brings to our home, particularly with the change of season.

A lot of people seem to talk about Christmas traditions and the fond memories they have from childhood, but not so much when it comes to Easter. So I decided to pull together a quick post on how my family celebrates Easter, along with some gift and craft activities we are making this year.

Easter tree - Ever-changing Life of a MumEaster tree/bunch

Some of you may know that I am of German heritage and Easter over there is quite a big deal. I remember visiting Germany and staying with my family during Easter back in the early 1990s – and let me tell you Easter decorations were BIG! Homes were decorated with Easter eggs, bunnies and beautiful spring flowers and even Easter gifts were given on Easter morning – and I’m not just talking chocolates!

I remember bringing home so many Easter decorations from that trip because we just didn’t have anything like it back then. Things have certainly changed over the past 20 years and now our shops are full of the same kinds of decorations.

Since that trip to Germany, every year I have up a small Easter tree/bunch on our dining room table. It’s pretty simple to pull together with some sticks popped into a pretty vase of your choice and decorated with hanging Easter eggs and other decorations. I like to stick to a particular colour theme, but the choice is yours!

Family celebrations

Good Friday is usually spent as a very relaxing day at home, enjoying hot cross buns, fish cooked on the Weber and the Good Friday Appeal running on the television in the back ground.

On Easter Saturday, I always colour hard boiled eggs with my girls which we then eat for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning with toast and butter. I have such fond memories of colouring eggs in this way with my mum when I was a child as Hey Hey it’s Saturday! played on television in the background – funny what you remember!

Easter Sunday morning is an indoor egg hunt – our naughty chocolate Labrador would eat all the eggs that the Easter Bunny left behind otherwise! Lately EB has also been leaving behind a fresh pair of winter pyjamas for the girls.

Later in the day we usually head to my parent’s house for a big family lunch and another Easter egg with my nieces and nephew. Way too much food and chocolate is consumed over the four days, but the memories being created for our family is priceless!

Easter teacher gift 2 - Ever-changing Life of a MumEaster teacher gifts

This year, I decided to make simple Easter gifts for the girls to give to their school teachers.

I purchased some hollow Easter eggs along with a few chocolate bunnies and popped them into cute printed celophane bags tied up with pretty ribbon.

I also designed a simple gift card on the computer for each bag that reads: ‘To my egg-cellent teacher!’

My girls thought the wording was hilarious and it took me next to no time to pull it altogether, so that’s a win-win I say!

Easter egg pot - Ever-changing Life of a MumEaster egg flower pots

My two girls also like to decorate their rooms for Easter. This year, instead of making a mini version of an Easter tree/bunch, we created Easter egg flower pots instead.

We used small metal pots into which I popped some florist foam cut to size and then poked in some Easter eggs on sticks (found at a local discount store). We covered the foam with some colourful shredded plastic, or tissue paper, wrapped a pretty ribbon around the pot and it couldn’t be any easier!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! How do you celebrate this time of year?


14 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter, teacher gifts and crafts

  1. We (my little family, my sisters & brother & my Mum) always make sure to have lunch together, either on Good Friday or Easter Sunday, depending when everyone can make it, and we still have an easter egg hunt, even before the girls came along. You can imagine how intense it was with 7 or 8 fully-grown adults frantically searching the house for tiny easter eggs! But it’s so much fun! We also have a family photo take, my brother, sisters and I, every year. It’s really cool to be able to look back on them and see the changes. This year we are all traveling down to our sister’s house in Wagga and I can’t wait!

  2. I just love this post! I have never considered much about family traditions for Easter but I am definitely going to start this year! LOVE the idea of EB leaving some winter pjs!!! So cute!

  3. I never though about giving things to teacher but it might be a nice idea! My mum has a basket full of eggs on her table, it was something she did when we were kids and we got to eat some every other day during Easter, you’ve reminded me that maybe I should start such a tradition!

  4. What lovely traditions. I’m a teacher myself and I think your teacher gift is gorgeous and thoughtful. We too have a chocolate lab! I planned on hiding plastic eggs in our back yard for Miss 2 to find on Easter Sunday morning. Love the winter PJs idea too! 🙂

  5. I love your traditions! Very special family memories you are creating and great teacher gifts and craft ideas. Hot cross buns and easter eggs generally feature in our Easter as well as a trip to the fish market on Easter Friday. Have a lovely easter!

  6. We don’t have decorations for easter but we do have yummy hot cross buns that hubby makes, and we do an easter hunt for eggs on the Sunday morning – our boys carry Easter baskets and they find as many as they can. Then they share them so that all of them have equal amounts. I can’t wait for Easter this year – we are going to be at the Grandparents house so our boys are super excited.

    • Yum hot cross buns are the best. I have never been game to make my own – maybe one day I will. We also pop all the eggs found on the Sunday morning Easter egg hunt into a large family Easter egg basket for all of us to share. But the kids also get a couple of special chocolate bunnies and eggs just for each of them. Hope you had a lovely Easter!

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