Getting ready for baby: Nursery on a budget

Nursery on a budget - Ever-changing Life of a MumOh how ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ over the beautiful nurseries I came across on Pinterest.

But I also often wondered if a baby ever slept in that perfectly neat room with that perfectly made cot, had a dirty nappy ever been changed on that extremely well organised change table, and where on earth are the shelves exploding with toys and other baby paraphernalia that you get given?

With those thoughts in the back of my mind, I set myself a task to create a functional nursery on a budget. Despite this being my third baby, it was far from planned (although still very much welcomed) so we had already given away most of our baby items and were pretty much starting from scratch. But that didn’t mean we needed to spend a fortune!

Little bit by little bit, I started to pull things together as I found them. The nursery is now complete and I’m pretty happy with the result, so I thought I would share how it turned out.

My top tips for pulling together a nursery on a budget are:

  • eBay, eBay, eBay – it’s always my first stop, but make sure you compare your prices.
  • Keep an eye out for baby sales at Target and Big W.
  • Check out Kmart –  it has some really awesome well-priced home decor for kids rooms these days.
  • Splash out on a few ‘nicer’ items to mix in with the budget pieces you have selected – or find what you want and then check back on eBay.
Nursery large baby items - Ever-changing Life of a MumLarge baby items

The cot and the change table I picked up for a bargain on eBay – from memory they were only $20 and $10 respectively – and are in terrific condition. The way I think of it is that even if I had held onto my existing cot from my first two girls, this baby would be sleeping in a bed with a few bumps and scratches anyway.

I did buy a brand new mattress during one of Target’s baby sales, as I think that is extremely important from a SIDS perspective, and also a new mat for the change table.

I am using the same feeding chair I purchased when setting up MIss 5’s nursery. It’s a chair and foot stool from IKEA. They no longer make this particular style however it’s similar to the popular Poang chair from IKEA. I love that these chairs are a little bit bouncy to help settle baby and that you can continue to use the chair around the home well after using it as a feeding chair.


One piece I did buy brand new was a large cubed storage unit as this is something that will grow with baby into the teenage years and beyond. While IKEA has a great KALLAX unit, I bought a similar version from Bunnings for a cheaper price (and less travel to get there for me) along with some cute little baskets to pop along the bottom to store items, hide toys and so on.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match tones in your nursery. While my storage unit is white in colour, the rest of the furniture in the room is light stained wood, however I think it still works well together. I chose a selection of baskets in pink and coffee colours to help bring the two tones from the furniture and feature wall together.

To organise the change table, I bought some cute little baskets from Reject Shop which came in a range of sizes. The baskets are perfect for organising nappies, wipes, lotions and so on. Don’t forget to bring your change table shelf measurements along with you to make sure they fit nicely. As with the storage unit baskets, I once again I mixed pink with coffee colours.

Nursery styling - Ever-changing Life of a MumStyling

You really don’t need to spend a fortune to style up your nursery.

I started by choosing a colour for the feature wall – ‘Fairy Wings’ by Dulux – and worked from there. The remainder of the walls and doors are ‘White on White’.

Next was the curtains. I needed something that would incorporate the chocolate brown roller blind that was already in place in the room, along with the pink feature wall. I thought the blind worked quite well with the stained wood furniture in the room but the curtains needed to tie it all in together. I headed to Spotlight  and while most ready made block out curtains for children’s bedrooms were about $100, I managed to find a lovely set in the bargain bin for just $30, featuring cute little birds in soft pastel colours, bird cages in light browns along with little trees and flowers. They were absolutely perfect and obviously meant to be.

To complete the room, I made a trip to Kmart which has some absolutely fabulous home decor items for kids bedrooms these days. I ended up buying the ‘Follow Your Dreams’ printed canvas, butterfly mobile , spotted floor rug and white dipped stool to use as a small side table next to the feeding chair – all for only a little over $50!

Nursery styling 2 - Ever-changing Life of a MumI then teamed these up with a few special items that I just couldn’t resist. This includes the cutest pom pom garland (in berry) from Mikki and Me  and also a bunny night light which I originally found at Lime Tree Kids but then came across the exact same one in almost brand new condition on eBay for about half the price.

For linen, I used a mixture of new items I had purchased (see Part 1 of my Getting ready for baby series), some lovely items that a beautiful friend of mine passed on to me and a few keepsake pieces I had kept from my older girls. Once again, you can pick up some great sheet sets and blankets from Kmart, Big W and Target that look fabulous, are great quality and don’t break the bank.

Nursery Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Overall, I am pretty happy with how the nursery has turned out. It’s very ‘pretty in pink’ as we have been assured three times now at our baby scans that it’s definitely a girl growing inside my little belly – let’s hope they’re right!

*This is NOT a sponsored post, nor was I gifted any items. All products listed are items that I use and love.




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  1. I think it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to decorate the girls’ rooms when we move into our new home… (still a while away but it’s great looking about for inspiration).

  2. I love setting up the nursery! This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your tips, we got lucky and had been too lazy to get rid of most things and my eldest’s bestie has a wonderful mum who gave us their cot they no longer need but ours isn’t as lovely as yours!

    • Thanks Becky. Yes, I think I was a little too keen to get rid of all our baby things, so good work on hanging on to all your things 🙂 I too am lucky to have a very dear friend pass on some clothes, wraps, etc for baby as we all know they grow so fast and use them for such a short time that most of it looks brand new! The way I think of it is that even if I had kept all of these things, they wouldn’t be brand new for baby anyway so it doesn’t really matter that I bought a lot of things secondhand for the nursery.

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