Welcome to the world, little one

Welcome to the world little one - Ever-changing Life of a MumIt’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last post as I took a wee break following the birth of my third baby girl.

And let me tell you there has been a lot of wee, not to mention poo, vomit and sleepless nights. But you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

As I type this one handed with a newborn in my arms and a lukewarm cup of coffee sitting on the desk next to me, I think of how its been more than five years since I held a newborn in my arms.

You forget just how small these little beings are – and mine wasn’t even that small as we welcomed her into the world weighing a healthy 9 pound 6 ounces on Tuesday 31 March.

You forget just how dependant they are on you, how utterly gorgeous their little hands and feet are. How soft their skin and downy like hair is to touch. How you can feel so much love for one little person.

But just as quickly as you forget, it’s amazing how quickly it all comes flooding back to you, like instinct.

I’m soaking this one up as much as I can. The newborn baby smell, the snuggles, even the cries. I know this one is my last and time goes by way too fast so I’m going to enjoy every single moment.

56 thoughts on “Welcome to the world, little one

  1. Oh congratulations! How exciting Erika. I love that little snap of those beautiful baby hands too! (stopping by with #IBOT)

  2. Congrats Erika.. I just love love love the new born stage. I remember with my last one I cherished every moment because I knew this was going to be my last. I can see you snuggling her and loving life to the fullest…

  3. Oh Erika, I had to rush and read this tonight, a big congrats and I wish I had those smells right now. And yes even the newborn poo. Rest up, thanks for sharing and rest up rest rest up – the mess will still be there tomorrow. xxx

  4. I felt that way exactly when we had our last baby – I savoured every moment. Can’t believe it’s 18 years ago now though! Congrats on your gorgeous bub … visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  5. Congratulations! So nice to hear you’re absorbing it all in. The newborn days really do fly by and especially when they’re that big! Wowzers! I think you gave birth to a three month old! (I had a 9 pound 2 baby too!) I’m expecting my third in 2 months and I hope i can really soak up the little moments and not get too tangled up in all the mess, chaos and sleep deprivation which can so easily distract you.

  6. Oh I love that description – It makes me want to rush back into pregnancy and produce another newborn! The smell, sweet snuggles and those little hands and feet and the cutest. Thank you for sharing your new baby experience with us and a huge congratulations! x

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