Review: Closer to Nature electric steam steriliser and baby bottles

Closer to Nature review - Ever-changing Life of a MumI can’t believe my baby girl is already four weeks old today – time is really flying and I’m making sure I enjoy every moment. We have settled in well at home and are slowly finding our way into a routine, as much as you can with a newborn anyway.

Part of this has involved the introduction of formula and bottle feeding  for my little one after I was unsuccessful with breastfeeding – no judgement please, I know ‘breast is best’ and it certainly wasn’t a decision I made lightly. But that is a whole other post!

I was fortunate to recently be given an electric steam steriliser and bottle pack from Closer to Nature to review – the timing was perfect.

I have never used this brand of baby products before. Even with my two other girls I always tended to use another well known baby brand, however after trying these products out I can honestly say I have been converted!

Closer to Nature review - steriliser and bottles - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Closer to Nature electric steam steriliser

Closer to Nature review steriliser - Ever-changing Life of a MumThe steam steriliser is quite a decent size, fitting six bottles as well as accessories. While the unit appears on the larger size, it still has a lovely sleek design that fits well on my kitchen bench top.

I found the unit extremely easy to use – just pour in 80mls of water, place bottles on the bottom rack followed by teats, rings, caps and any other accessories like dummies on the top rack and switch on.

Closer to Nature review steriliser - Ever-changing Life of a MumThe nice people at Closer to Nature have even made this process easy for you, with each bottle specially marked at 80mls so you never have to worry about finding (or losing!) a measuring jug.

While the box and instructions say the sterilisation process takes five minutes, the two times I timed the unit it took about 8-9 minutes from start to finish, which I still think is fairly speedy.

The unit also comes with a complimentary soother/dummy and a 150ml bottle, which is a great size for newborns – so much so that I went out and bought two more myself!

Closer to Nature Colour My World bottles

Closer to Nature baby bottles - Everchanging Life of a MumThe bottles I was provided form part of Closer to Nature’s new Colour My World bottle range. My pack contained six 260ml bottles in aqua, pink and purple aimed at girls, but there is also a pack for boys containing aqua, blue and green coloured bottles.

While I’m a bit of a traditionalist and still quite like the clear bottles with white ringed teat, the coloured bottles do provide a bit of a point of difference and can add a splash of colour to your bottle collection.

Overall, I cannot fault these bottles. In the three weeks I have been using them, I have not experienced one single leak, something that often occurred in the other brand I have previously used with my other two children. The bottles are also very easy to assemble/disassemble being made up of only four pieces – bottle, ring, teat and cap.

My baby girl had no trouble latching on to the soft silicone wide neck teat and took to these bottles straight away. I also love the contour of the bottle, which makes it extremely easy to hold while feeding.

The bottles are BPA free and contain a vent in the teat to assist with air flow while the baby is sucking. You do need to ensure that the vert remains open after sterilisation, however the unit comes with a small set of plastic tongs to assist with this and I have never had a problem since using the bottles.

Honestly, I found the size of these bottles a little large at first for a newborn as the measurements only start at 50ml which means you can only make larger quantities of formula. But a few weeks on, they are fine, with the little miss now guzzling down anywhere from 90-120mls of formula at a time.

Smaller sized 150ml bottles are available, including the complimentary one you receive with the steriliser, with measurements starting at 30mls on these bottles.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with both the Closer to Nature electric steam steriliser and baby bottles.

Product details:

Closer to Nature LogoCloser to Nature is the number one baby feeding accessories brand in the UK and one of the top brands of infant products and accessories in the global market. Loved by parents and little ones, Closer to Nature receives numerous awards and accolades year after year globally. The Closer to Nature range is available at stockists nationwide, for more information please visit or

*This is not a sponsored post, however I was gifted a Closer to Nature electric steam steriliser (value $150) and a six-pack of Closer to Nature Colour My World bottles (value $25) for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

5 thoughts on “Review: Closer to Nature electric steam steriliser and baby bottles

  1. We used those bottles with my youngest. She self weaned quite early, so had to go on formula, and I found those bottles were the best. I would have loved different coloured ones too.

  2. I had to stop breastfeeding at about 5 weeks because it wasn’t working {due to multiple food allergies in our case} and there’s nothing wrong with putting your baby on formula. Whatever’s better for the baby at the time I say. I’ve got quite a few Closer to Nature products and I love them too. I can’t believe its been 4 weeks already, it feels like just yesterday that you were announcing her arrival.

  3. I started bottle feeding EBM when the boys were around 6 months. It’s so important to get the right bottles and the right sanitizers. Closer to Nature are a great brand.

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