An interview with my children

An interview with my childrenFor me, blogging and school holidays just don’t mix.

I find my days are extremely busy as I care for, feed and try to have fun with my three girls. However, instead of getting stressed about it, I decided to cut myself some slack and take a short break from the blog over the past two weeks.

But then I had an idea! Why not combine having some fun with the kids while also putting together a blog post? Here is the result – an interview with my two older girls.

What is your favourite colour?
Miss 6: Purple
Miss 10: Aqua

What is your favourite food?
Miss 6: Chocolate and carrots (not together obviously!)
Miss 10: Fruit and lollies

What is your favourite movie?
Miss 6: Horton Hears a Who
Miss 10: Oddball

Who is your favourite singer or band?
Miss 6: Guy Sebastian
Miss 10: Taylor Swift

What is your favourite book?
Miss 6: Billie B Brown series
Miss 10: Alice Miranda series

What is your favourite animal?
Miss 6: Koala because they hang up in trees and they snore when they sleep
Miss 10: Dolphin because they do lots of tricks and are really cute

What is your favourite subject at school?
Miss 6: Music and going on excursions
Miss 10: Art and music

What is your favourite thing to do with your sisters?
Miss 6: Playing blocks with my baby sister and playing outside in the backyard
Miss 10: Reading books with my baby sister and playing outside in the backyard

Where is your favourite place to go?
Miss 6: Going to bowling with my family
Miss 10: On a holiday to Queensland with my family

If you could choose anywhere to go on holiday where would like to go?
Miss 6: Queensland
Miss 10: America, definitely Disneyland

What is your favourite thing to do with mummy?
Miss 6: Going to have dinner with mummy
Miss 10: Have girl time out together

What is your favourite thing to do with daddy?
Miss 6: I like playing games with daddy at home
Miss 10: Going to the footy

Give three words to describe mummy
Miss 6: Loving, happy, nice
Miss 10: Loving, caring, fun

Give three words to describe daddy
Miss 6: Loving, funny, happy
Miss 10: Funny, caring, joyful

What are some of your strengths or what are you good at?
Miss 6: Running, swimming, reading, drawing
Miss 10: Dancing, art, school work, cooking

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Miss 6: An artist
Miss 10: An author, dancer or teacher

What makes you happy?
Miss 6: Riding my scooter outside down the road
Miss 10: Dancing and going to the beach with my family

What makes you nervous?
Miss 6: Little dogs, like Chihuahuas
Miss 10: Talking in front of millions of people

What would be a perfect day for you?
Miss 6: Watching a movie with my family
Miss 10: Going to the beach on a sunny day with my family

What’s your favourite memory?
Miss 6: On the plane to Queensland when I said “Everybody hold on!” as we were taking off and everyone on the plane laughed.
Miss 10: When my little sisters were born and I got to meet them for the first time.

From this, I gather my girls really like going to the beach and holidaying in Queensland! But most of all I absolutely adore how they truly seem to cherish time spent together as a family. Some of those answers really melt my heart.

I really look forward to conducting another interview with my gorgeous girls in the future. It might even be something I continue to do on a yearly basis as it would be interesting to see how the answers change over time and as baby grows I’ll be able to include her as well, which I’m sure will provide for some rather humorous answers.

Interviewing your children would also be a great idea for a memory book. Why don’t you give it a try, you might be surprised by some of the answers.


9 thoughts on “An interview with my children

  1. Great answers, I love the honesty of kids! That was lovely how they described you, I’m pretty sure my eldest would describe me as cranky! School holidays and blogging don’t mix here either, the weather has also been gorgeous so we’ve been outside everyday just playing. So lovely.

  2. I love this – it’s such a great idea. My friend Jen from “A Sentimental Jamboree” interviews her kids every birthday and I think, at the start of every school year. I think these interviews are a virtual memory box, aren’t they? I love how Miss 10’s favourite memory is meeting her sisters for the first time – bless!

  3. Oh, so cute! How wonderful was Oddball??!!! Just quietly, I saw my husband tearing up a little when Oddy protected that injured penguin from the fox that tried to jump through the bathroom window. Such a great story and even better that it was true!

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