Putting my dishwasher to the test with Finish + giveaway

Putting my dishwasher to the test with Finish

*This post is in collaboration with Finish

School holidays have just finished in Victoria meaning my parenting skills have well and truly been put to the test over the past two weeks … along with my dishwasher!

No matter how many times I remind my children to re-use the same cup or plate, a new one is always taken out of the cupboard for the next snack or meal.

This means that over the past two weeks, my dishwasher has been packed full almost daily with everyday cutlery and dishes as well as baking utensils, mixing bowls and the like. I really do love my dishwasher, particularly thinking of the countless hours it is has saved me washing dishes in the kitchen sink over the past couple of weeks.

Luckily, the lovely people at Finish offered me the opportunity to road test its Powerball Quantum Max dishwasher tablets at just the right time … and let’s just say these little blocks of cleanliness certainly had their work cut out for them!

Overall, I was really happy with the result of these dishwashing tablets. Even the pan with baked on lasagne came up a treat and the many, many bowls and utensils used while baking and icing cookies and slices with my girls during the school holidays came up squeaky clean in the dishwasher.

Finish Quantum Max dishwasher tablets before and afterHonestly, the only thing I find doesn’t wash well in the dishwasher is plasticware, such as my children’s cups, plates and bowls. While they come out nice and clean, they never fully dry no matter which brand of dishwasher tablet I use. Even when we updated our dishwasher a few years back, I decided to go for a fancier, more expensive brand in the hope it might help, but to no avail. I think that is just something I will need to live with … sigh.

Interested in giving Finish Powerball Quantum Max dishwasher tablets a try for yourself?

One lucky reader will have their dishwashing dilemmas solved when they win THREE packets of Finish Quantum Max dishwasher tablets (10 pack). As an added bonus, they are also throwing in TWO tubs of Vanish Napisan Oxi Action (1kg) to help you keep on top of the mess in the laundry too!  That’s a total prize of $50 in cleaning products for your home up for grabs!

To win, all you need to do is to leave a comment on this post below telling me in 25 words or less: What do you love most about your dishwasher?


The winner is MICHELLE V – an email has been sent in order to claim your prize.

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*I was gifted a packet of Finish Quantum Max dishwasher tablets – 10 pack (value $10) for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

45 thoughts on “Putting my dishwasher to the test with Finish + giveaway

  1. The thing I love most about my dishwasher is that ever since I’ve installed it I’m much more likely to indulge in home cooking and baking because I can just throw the dishes in the dishwasher!

    Btw, YOU NEED RINSE AID!!!!! I had no idea about rinse aid until a friend rolled her eyes at me. Seriously, if you make sure the rinse aid is topped up regularly all your dishes will come out dry. I know when my rinse aid has run out because the kids’ plastic plates and bowls start coming out wet again:-)

  2. I have very clear memories of my sister and I spending ages every night doing the dishes for mum (one washed one dried and we swapped each week) – So for me, its nice having a dishwasher so its one chore my kids don’t have to do… especially those big pots and pans that are a pain to clean. Also, with 3 kids, I’m sure they would just argue all the time who would be doing it each night! 😉

  3. I love that it washes and dries the dishes- rinse aid is key and thise dishwasher cleaner bottles every few weeks. It saves so much time and no more dish pan hands for me!

  4. What a great post! Our dishwasher gets a workout too but if I put a lasagne dish in there would be no chance to get it this clean. It is pretty old so it doesn’t any many redeeming features other than loyalty for hanging around so long! However perhaps I’m using the wrong products and should give these a whirl!! Thanks for linking up to #reviewroundup

  5. I only ever use Finish – they are not the cheapest on the market but they are undoubtedly the best.

    Man I love my dishwasher – I never had one until I moved in here and it’s the one thing (apart from wifi) that I couldn’t live without!

  6. With three kids aged 11 and under
    It’s my sanity-saver, is it any wonder?!
    My dishwasher’s helpful reliance
    Definitely makes it my favourite appliance!

  7. That the deal my wife and I had before we got married, in our then dishwasher free home, works in my favour. She cooks, I wash up. Now the dishwasher does the hard yards for me, got to love that.

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