Happy 1st bloggy birthday!

Happy 1st bloggy birthday - Ever-changing Life of a MumA year ago today I launched my blog into the online world! Cue fireworks!

I set up this blog as a creative outlet after making the big decision in June last year to leave my full time communications job to focus on spending more time with my young family.

I had never been without a reason to write before, having worked as both a journalist and in public relations for the past 15 years. I needed to focus that energy somewhere, so this blog was it. My new passion, something I could take wherever I wanted.

My new ‘colleagues’ would become some of the friendliest I have ever known as I joined the online community of bloggers. Most parenting bloggers I have come to know don’t view each other as competitors, but instead they are extremely supportive of each other’s achievements. I have been lucky enough to meet a few of the bloggers who kindly gave me some advice when I first started out. Then there are others I may not have met in real life but I feel like I have, IYKWIM?! Thank you so much everyone.

It’s been an incredible year, full of adjustment for both me and my family as I adapted to being a stay at home mum and we learned to live off one income. The title of my blog couldn’t have been more accurate!

Little did I know that just a month after leaving work I would fall pregnant again – surprise! – with the morning (more like all day) sickness kicking in hard and fast and deciding to hang around for a good 20 weeks. Yuck. An unexpected but definitely most welcome announcement. I think we surprised most of our family and friends when we told them the news 🙂

My morning sickness meant my blog took a little longer than planned to piece together but around the same time as I launched my blog the nausea had subsided. Happy days!

The emotional rollercoaster continued as my then youngest daughter prepared to start school. From prep transition sessions to kinder graduation it was an exciting, busy time for me and my family.

When Miss 6 finally walked through those school gates to start primary school, all the memories and emotions of my eldest daughter came flooding back … tenfold because I was pregnant! There were tears, but I managed to hold off until after I got of the classroom!

Two months later, at the end of March, my third baby was born – another gorgeous daughter and a baby sister for my two older girls. Oh let me tell you, there were plenty of comments about having three girls, but my husband and I couldn’t be happier!

Since then, I have been blogging about navigating life as a new stay at home mum of three daughters, including a newborn, a 6-year-old and 10-year-old. Parenting the third time round, particularly knowing that this is going to be my last baby, certainly offers a whole new perspective!

Blog-wise, I’m proud to say that there have been very few weeks when I have not posted online, but at the same time I have learned that it’s OK to take a break when you need to. Nope, the world doesn’t end if you don’t post something on your blog and it’s always important to remind myself of the reason I left work in the first place – to spend time with my family.

This past year has been a journey of simplifying my life and it’s only just begun. I would like to thank my lovely readers for following my journey and I look forward to sharing more with you. Some of my followers have been here from the beginning and I truly appreciate your ongoing support. Others may have joined more recently but I hope you have enjoyed what you have read so far and stay around as I continue to navigate the world of parenting with a fresh perspective on life, sharing my thoughts and feelings along the way.

So, happy birthday Ever-changing Life of a Mum. Here’s to another great year of blogging ahead!

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