Guest post: Family holiday travel insurance – is it necessary?

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Summer holidays are almost here which means many families are busy finalising their travel arrangements for a much needed end of year or new year getaway.

When the frenzy of Christmas is over, it’s ofyen time to start packing your bags for a well deserved break with the family providing some much needed time to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Often travel insurance can be overlooked or not seen as necessary. Personally, while I have always taken out travel insurance when travelling overseas, it is not something I have ever considered when holidaying within Australia.

But I’m certainly re-questioning that after speaking with Laura from Fast Cover travel insurance. I asked her if she could offer some advice on this topic so families could be well prepared for the coming holiday season.

{Guest post} Should you bother getting travel insurance this holiday season?

The pre-holiday season anticipation is definitely building up now. In the middle of organising Christmas, planning a trip away can be a welcome distraction. One holiday essential that is often put aside to the last minute is travel insurance.

We often hear stories of people experiencing an emergency overseas which cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the past year, Fast Cover’s highest travel insurance claim pay-outs have ranged from $20,000 to $190,000, with all but one being for people who had a medical emergency overseas.

Travel insurance can provide guidance in an emergency and compensate you for those unexpected expenses. But what benefits should you look for in a policy? And if you’re travelling in Australia, should you even bother getting travel insurance?

There are a number of benefits to look out for in travel insurance for your family:

A high level of medical cover plus cover for pre-existing medical conditions

Travel insurance can range in the level of medical cover it offers you. Some insurers provide unlimited medical cover, while others might cap the amount.

It is also important to consider any pre-existing medical conditions anyone in your family might have. Some policies may provide cover for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and epilepsy automatically, while other conditions are not. Without cover for that condition the cost of medical emergencies connected with the condition won’t be covered.

Get cancellation cover early!

You never know what can happen before your trip which could mean having to put it off to a later date. That is why getting travel insurance early so you travel insurance that provides cover for cancellation is important. If you have paid for tours, flights, a cruise and accommodation but suddenly have to cancel due to becoming sick or injured, cancellation cover may reimburse you for your lost deposits.

Cover for luggage

Luggage being lost and stolen are among the top five types of travel insurance claims. When you are looking at luggage cover, see how much is offered for precious items including electronics. While you may be offered thousands of dollars in luggage cover, cover for particular items such as cameras and laptops can be capped to a lesser amount.


Snorkelling, hiking, rock climbing? These are the things holidays are made of! When choosing your travel insurance be sure to make sure any activities you are doing will also be covered. That way if someone gets hurt doing an activity, you know your insurer provides cover for those medical expenses.

Getting a good deal
Some insurers provide travel insurance for children (in legal speak, dependants) free of additional charge. For instance, with Fast Cover up to 10 dependent children can be covered for free when travelling with a parent or grandparent.

Once you know what qualities you are looking for in travel insurance, then it is simply a matter of finding a good price. Remember that going to an insurer directly can be far cheaper than going to a travel agent, airline or cruise line who may charge higher commission rates.

But what if I’m travelling in Australia?

Should you really bother getting insurance for domestic travel?

Travel insurance is always an option, so it is up to you if you want to get travel insurance for travelling domestically. There are four main reasons you might want to consider cover:

  • It can provide cover for cancellations. So if you’ve booked a tour, made deposits for upmarket accommodation, hired a car or booked a flight, you may want the peace of mind that if someone falls over and breaks a bone you can get reimbursed for those deposits.
  • If you’re hiring a car, travel insurance can provide cover for rental car excess. That means if you are in an accident and you are responsibility for providing a few thousand dollars for repairs, you’re insurer may be able to provide assistance. How much assistance again varies from company to company.
  • Domestic travel insurance can also provide cover for your luggage. You can never completely guarantee your bags won’t be lost, stolen or delayed when travelling.
  • Finally, domestic travel insurance can provide cover for some sport activities, such as bike riding or skiing. If you’re taking a bike or your own skiing equipment you can get cover for these items.

Hopefully this has helped outline why you might consider buying travel insurance and what you will be looking for in a policy. Happy holidays!

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