My Christmas wish

My Christmas wish - Ever-changing Life of a MumYesterday I took a trip into the city with my three girls to explore all that Melbourne has to offer at Christmas time.

It’s an annual tradition in which we usually visit the Myer Christmas windows and the large Christmas tree in City Square while enjoying the decorations in Bourke Street and surrounds. We also took a look at the Lego tree in Federation Square, which the girls absolutely loved!

This year, I have been trying to be more mindful and present as I enjoy Christmas with my family. I blogged over at The Multitasking Women recently about how I was trying to stay calm in what is all too often a stress-filled season.

Christmas in the city - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

I had such a lovely day in the city with my girls, filled with plenty of memories. But most of all, amid all the hustle and bustle a little something special happened that brought a tear to my eye and will always stay with me.

As we were standing in the very long line up Bourke Street to view the Myer Christmas Windows, a homeless man and his dog were sitting quietly on the pavement with a small cardboard sign asking for small change or any help to find a bed for the night.

As we stood in line and slowly inched forward, I noticed Miss 10 looking back again and again at the man. I then watched as she opened the small handbag she had strapped across her, reach in to find her purse and take out $2 of her own pocket money and place it in the hat the man had left on the pavement. He said “Thank you” softly to her as she walked away.

“Is that ok mummy?”,  Miss 10 asked. Behind my sunglass-covered eyes, tears welled a little as I said, “Of course it is sweetheart, that is so very kind of you, unfortunately not everyone is as fortunate as us.”

It got me thinking that perhaps I’m not doing so badly at this parenting gig, perhaps I am raising my children to think about others and realise that even a small gesture like Miss 10’s can make a difference to someone in need. I can only hope.

If everyone did this and had a little more empathy towards others, perhaps the world would be a better place.

This is my wish for Christmas and beyond. As you prepare to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, spare a thought for people in your community who are not so fortunate, may be alone or need a helping hand. A small gesture of kindness may just make all the difference in the life of someone else.

From my family to yours, I wish you a lovely Christmas xx

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