Why having red hair is great

Why having red hair is great - Ever-changing Life of a MumToday is International Kiss a Ginger Day – the day set aside to give your redheaded family and friends the little bit of extra love they deserve.

While redheads often feel an instant camaraderie, it’s hard for others to understand why we feel that little bit different from the rest. It’s more than just a hair colour, so I thought I’d share just a few of reasons why being a redhead should be celebrated.

We’re extremely rare. It’s my understanding that redheads make up less than 2% of the population, that’s only two in every 100 people born, making us pretty special, unique, different. Whatever you want to call it – it’s certainly something to be proud of!

While I was the only redhead in my family growing up amongst three other siblings, I’ve certainly bucked the odds with my own family. Two of my three children sport gorgeous ginger locks, so I’m certainly making sure us redheads don’t become extinct any time soon! 🙂

Speaking of dying, we save a tonne of money at the hairdresser. When you have natural colour like this, why would you want to dye your hair? I’ve lost count of the number of time people who have told me or my eldest daughter how others would spend a small fortune trying to dye their hair our colour. That being said, I did go through a phase when I was younger, and unaware of just how lovely my hair really was, of adding blonde foils to my hair. I guess you always want what you can’t have. But no more!

No grey hairs. According to my hairdresser, I’m not likely to go grey any time soon, or even ever. Apparently, redheads tend to lose pigmentation in their hair and go lighter with age, not grey. Winning!

We get plenty of compliments. When I was at school I stood out and copped my fair share of teasing for having red hair. There were plenty of ‘carrot top’ references flying my way which I like to think helped build my resilience, but times are changing and I have to say that my eldest daughter has never experienced any negativity about her hair colour. And why should she? Her long red locks are absolutely stunning! Only compliments seem to roll in about how beautiful it is. Actually, if I could have a dollar for every time someone has told my daughter how devine her hair colour is, I’d be rather rich by now! I often feel for my other blonde-haired daughter who misses out on all the attention.

It’s easy to spot my children in a crowd. My little redheads certainly stand out among all the children running around the local play centre or playground, and my other daughter usually isn’t far away. Except of course when they are wearing their extremely wide brimmed hats to protect that white on white skin from the sun!

It’s a great excuse for a fiery attitude every now and then. Everyone knows that red is the colour of passion so it’s no wonder that we’re a little hot headed at times … it’s usually best not to mess with us 😉

Happy International Kiss a Ginger Day to all of my fellow redheads out there!

If you know any red-headed friends or family members, make sure you give them an extra big hug and a kiss today to let them know they are loved and special in your life.

Do you have a redhead in your life? Or are you a redhead? What’s the best thing about your/their ginger locks?

12 thoughts on “Why having red hair is great

  1. I am a natural redhead who in my mid 40s has only a few greys. I had very bright auburn hair when younger. However, my hair is much darker than it once was and only looks reddish in sunlight. I come from a family of redheads but none of my 4 kids has red hair — perhaps in the next generation?

    • Yes, my hair colour has certainly changed over the years. I was really orange when I was a kid, then it went darker, more auburn as a teenager and gradually it has turned lighter over the years. My red hair comes from my great great grandfather on my dad’s side but I’m the only one with red hair from my family! Funny how it just turns up like that 🙂

  2. I remember my mum commenting that my hair looked slightly reddish in the sun, when I was a kid. I think she was just hoping it did, because she liked the colour. I always though being a red head was a great thing to be. Not that I’m even close to that!

  3. Oh gosh, I wish I had the kind of hair that doesn’t go grey! I’ve been discovering some greys lately (despite my overly coloured hair) and I just know the older I get the worse it will be, as my natural hair colour is so dark!

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