Living life as polar opposites

Living Life as Polar Opposites - Ever-changing Life of a MumThis morning, I farewelled Miss 10 off on Grade 5/6 camp. My eldest daughter really is growing up so fast, a little too fast.

It has really got me thinking how the larger age gaps between my children means I am almost living my day-to-day life as polar opposites.

One moment I’m waving my eldest daughter off on the school bus, when only a few hours earlier I was patting and cuddling my 11-month-old back to sleep in middle of the night.

Some would say it’s the best of both worlds, others actually question how I maintain my sanity as I try to fit school and extracurricular activities around my baby’s routine … although I use the word ‘routine’ extremely loosely because she really just has to fit into what is going on around her most of the time.

As I snuggled with Baby last night, I felt exhausted and somewhat frustrated that she continues to wake night after night after night. At the same time, I thought of Miss 10 asleep in her room down the hall most likely dreaming of the exciting week that lay ahead at camp and I realised that this whole ‘having a baby and raising a child’ thing really does all go by way too fast. I know that sounds totally corny and cliché but I feel like I’m experiencing both ends of the spectrum right now and having these thoughts so clearly.

Do I want a baby who sleeps from 7pm-7am? Of course. Do I feel like I’m in some way failing to meet my KPIs as a mother by not having this down pat by now? Sometimes. But then to put it into perspective …. do I realise that it all goes by far too quickly? Yes, for sure. Do I realise that I need to make the most of this time and that I’ll never get these moments back again? Most definitely.

Sometimes I think we all need to remind ourselves of those latter questions and answers as that’s what matters most.

Now is the time to enjoy and watch my three daughters grow, not only in age but in wisdom, and to make the most of these life stages and the opportunities they bring, both to me as mother and for my children.

I’m really going to miss my little girl while she’s on camp … the house will certainly be a lot quieter over the next five days. But I’m so looking forward to all the exciting stories she will tell me and the conversations we will have over afternoon tea when she returns on Friday afternoon.

10 thoughts on “Living life as polar opposites

  1. my large gap is even bigger, I’ve sent my 17yo off to university, and my 2yo off to daycare this year! Eventually you feel like a grownup who has got this parenting caper down, then someone has a birthday, and it all changes again!

  2. You’re exactly right. As exhausting as it is and how I understand the need for sleep, these moments are so precious. I know we all say that, but as a mum whose kids left home due to family separation) far too early, I miss those moments so much. And catching up is always just as wonderful.

    • Oh it’s so easy to wish away the hard sleep deprived days, but then I remember how fast it all goes by and I start living in the moment again. You must so look forward to those times when the whole family catches up … they are special moments to always be treasured too.

  3. I know what you are talking about! though my children are only 4 1/2 yrs apart (a toddler and a child in yr 1) it is a big enough gap to get a glimpse of what we can look forward to as our children become more independent, but also a there is the reminder each day to cherish my moments as a stay at home mum with “My little china doll” before she goes to school.

  4. Oh, Erika! I know I will be in tears when my boys go off to camp for the first time! As a mum of twins, I understand raising children with polar opposite personalities and they also had their own sleeping patterns too. Man, they were tough days (and nights!) Hope your daughter comes back home with lots of fun stories!

    • Sometimes I wonder if it’s harder on the parents or the child 🙂 This was my daughter’s third camp, but it was the longest of the three with 5 days away from home … her stay ended up being a little shorter, but that’s ok under the circumstances, she did great to get that far. I always like to gleam the positives from these situations 🙂

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