Get your child’s day off to a good start with Sipahh

Get your child's day off to a good start with Sipahh - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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Like any mum, I like to keep a close eye on how much sugar my kids are eating.

Although it can be a tough gig trying to read those food labels to work out just how much sugar is found in your food, with so many products containing hidden added sugars beyond what already naturally occurs in them.

World Health Organisation guidelines recommend that adults and children keep their daily intake of ‘free’ (added plus natural) sugars to less than 10% of their total energy intake to reduce the risk of being overweight, obesity and tooth decay. This equals about 12 teaspoons of sugar a day or less, with every 4g of sugar equalling about 1 teaspoon.

Where possible, it’s important to look for foods that are free from added sugars – there may still be sugar found in the product but none has been added by the manufacturer during processing.

Sipahh straws with packagingRecently, I was offered the opportunity to sample Sipahh flavoured drinking straws and they have been a big hit with my girls and any friend’s children who may have popped over in the last week or two and also tried them out.

My own Miss 6 doesn’t like to drink milk, like none … at all. She won’t even touch pre-made chocolate milk and there’s definitely no cereal with milk, so I am always looking for ways to encourage her to drink more milk to ensure she gets enough calcium in her diet.

Can I tell you something? She loves Sipahh straws! Since I received my sample pack she has enjoyed a cup of milk a day with a flavoured straw of her choice. It’s truly unbelievable … and I’m now adding more milk to the shopping list!

Miss 10 on the other hand drinks milk quite regularly – on its own, with powdered flavourings and on her cereal. She is also now a Sipahh straw convert!

Sipahh straw review - Ever-changing Life of a MumIf you have never heard or tried Sipahh straws, here’s how they work – as your child sips the milk it passes through small beads (tapioca balls derived from the yucca plant) of flavour for a delicious taste.

As a mum, I love the fact that each straw contains less than half a teaspoon of sugar in total and that it encourages them to drink more milk at breakfast or after school. Combined with a low-sugar cereal (like oats, wheat cereal biscuits, corn flakes, rice crisps, O-shaped wholegrain cereal) at breakfast, I find it’s a great way for my kids to get the day off to a good start.

Our pack contained six flavours – Chocolate, Chilled-Out Choc-Mint, Hello Marshmallow, Okey-Dokey Cookies and Cream, Smooth Caramel and Strawberry. Chocolate, marshmallow and strawberry are by far my girls’ favourites!

More flavours are available with Sipahh having an online store featuring 13 flavours, so there’s sure to be one your child enjoys.

For more information on Sipahh flavoured milk drinking straws and to purchase online, visit


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*This post is a sponsored post. I also received a flavour crate of six 10-packs of Sippah straws to sample (value $23.99) to sample for the purpose of this review, however all opinions expressed in this post are my own. Links in this post are for information purposes and are not affiliate links.


14 thoughts on “Get your child’s day off to a good start with Sipahh

  1. Funnily enough my girls don’t like these but my husband loves them! But then my girls don’t have any problems drinking milk, they would drink litres of the stuff if I let them, lol! I may have to try them again because they are way better than quick, which is a treat they are allowed every now and then with their milk and I know that is loaded with sugar!

  2. We totally love Sipahhh too! Aren’t they a great invention to get kids to drink milk – and a party favourite!!! Great review and thanks for linking up to #reviewroundup

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