The exciting adventures of Bear Bear and Bunny

The exciting adventures of Bear Bear and BunnyOh no. Bear Bear is gone. Again.

I have lost count of the number of times my daughter’s beloved comforter has been been lost.

I bought this pretty pink and white blankie with a bear head for Miss 6 when she was just four months of age. On maternity leave and with my return to work date looming, I wanted something familiar for my baby girl to take with her to childcare. Since then, Bear Bear (yes, she has a double name because she’s extra special) has been by her side for every sleep plus to soothe the occasional ouchie and in moments of sadness or general grouchiness.

Not long before returning to work, I realised my then 7-month old baby girl loved her Bear Bear so much that a back up plan was needed just in case she ever went missing. But could I find another Bear Bear anywhere?

Instead, meet Bear Bear’s best friend, Bunny. She’s exactly the same as Bear Bear in every way … well, except for the bunny head.

Along with Bunny, came some new rules. From now on, Bear Bear would no longer leave the house, making sure she would never be permanently lost … well not beyond the walls of our own home anyway. She may have turned into a bit of a recluse but that didn’t mean she didn’t get up to any mischief.

Bear Bear has been lost so many times only to turn up in the all sorts of places … some stranger than others. Under bed sheets and blankets, down the side of beds, in the pantry cupboard, in the fridge, inside toy boxes … the list goes on. Once she was missing for several months until my husband discovered her stuffed inside a bag inside the girls’ dress up box. Another time she was even found in the bin after being caught up in a mound of wrapping paper from Miss 1’s first birthday party.

Bunny is even more adventurous and quite a free spirit. She’s allowed to venture out to childcare, the shops, even the park. She too has been lost countless times but my daughter’s love for her favourite toys must be very strong as each time they have miraculously returned.

Like the time my mum was looking after Miss 6 (then aged 1) and took her to the shopping centre and Bunny dropped out of the pram. My mum was so upset, even more so than my daughter I think, that she immediately bought her another one. While its replacement looked nothing like the original, it did the job until centre management phoned to the let my mum know that someone had turned Bunny in and she was waiting to be collected. Phew. Crisis averted.

Then there was the time that Bunny was lost during the mad Monday morning school run when Miss 6 was 2. My husband scoured the local streets, even knocking on doors of local businesses he had passed on the walk to school to check whether Bunny may have been handed in. A message was also left with the school just in case someone left Bunny with the office. Sadly, no one had seen her. Little did we know that Bunny was actually safe and sound in my eldest daughter’s school bag the whole time. A friend of hers had seen Bunny on the footpath outside of the school that morning, recognised it and passed it on. You can’t believe how grateful and how lucky we all felt!

Now that Miss 6 is at school, Bunny’s adventurous days are pretty much over. She has been put into retirement, spending most of her time resting on my daughter’s bed or sometimes the toy shelf. Bear Bear on the other hand still enjoys a night time cuddle with Miss 6 … and she still likes to get up to plenty of antics.

Just last week, we had to complete a ground search of the entire house during a hunt for Bear Bear. I think it was the third time that week we had reached bedtime and realised she was missing. We combed every room hoping for a sighting. Every room except one as Miss 1 was already asleep in her bedroom. Guess where we found her?!

While I sometimes wonder if Miss 6 is too old for a comforter like Bear Bear, I feel that it’s best to let the situation run its own course. Children really do grow way too fast and are only young for such a short time. I know it won’t be long until the day comes when she tells me she no longer needs to sleep with Bear Bear and she ends up joining her friend Bunny on the toy shelf regaling in the many adventures they got up to over the years gone by.

Does your child have a comforter? Does it very get lost? Do you have a back up plan?

8 thoughts on “The exciting adventures of Bear Bear and Bunny

  1. The Little Mister has Giraffey (you guessed it – a blankie with a giraffe’s head). He’s taken it everywhere. It was a baby shower gift and I was never able to find another one! We had one incident where we thought he was gone forever. There was a no-leaving-home rule in place for us too (unless he had a sleepover in which case he took it to a family member’s house and it wasn’t allowed to leave there either), so we were stumped! We found Giraffey on the floor of the garage where he’d been under our car tyre the whole time! He’d dropped him and we’d parked the car and therefore he was impossible to find!
    Another adventure was in 2014 when we went to Korea and Japan. We literally tethered the Little Mister to Giraffey (wrist to giraffe head) in fear of losing him on a dirty street or in a train station! The whole family was on board when it came to preventing his loss! I’m quite attached to Giraffey now so when he is no longer needed, I am packing him away as a keepsake!

  2. There is something about the special comforter and I do not think there is an ‘age’ limit….My GD aged 4 now, got one special pink rabbit that she latched onto and it is now grey. Oh so grey. I thought I’d be clever and buy a replica when she was about one but nope, she wasnt fooled. They have smell and a feel for the kids that we will never replicate I guess. Most of the grandkids have had ‘something’ …as long as there is a need, so be it. Lovely story. Denyse #teamIBOT

  3. Aww bless. I just love this story. Both my girls had/have comforters. My eldest decided when she started preschool last year that she didn’t need her Teddy anymore. Basically the same as the one you’ve shown above but a Teddy head. We asked her if she was sure and she said yes. She threw him in the bin, but my husband took it out later without her knowing. We have it hidden in a cupboard and I fear that when she finds out that we still have him she’ll flip out. She loved that Teddy and regretted throwing him out. My husband feared though that she was too old for a Teddy and we should leave him be in the cupboard. She’s since replaced him with a pink dolphin which just underwent open heart surgery this evening for about the third time. My three year old has a comforter too – Monkey. I bought a second one in case the first got lost but according to her he’s an impostor. Funny little things kids are, aren’t they?! 🙂

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