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Mum You Are Enough - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Today I have written a few words for all the mums out there who may feel a little unappreciated at times. Being a mum is the most important job in the world, but it can also be one of the hardest. Sometimes the thank yous are not spoken often enough, but it’s important to remember that they are always there, we may just need to look a little harder to find them. Sometimes it feels as though the little things that mums do each day go by unnoticed, but this is certainly not the case. Never doubt yourself and always remember that in each and every way you are a mum, you are enough.

Mum, please know that you are enough.

It’s in the early morning starts to make sure their day goes right even though yours may not.

It’s in the loads and loads of clothes you wash, dry, fold and put away each day.

It’s in the breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks you make without fail even when you really wish someone else would step in occasionally and take over for you.

It’s in the countless nappies you change every day to keep your baby clean and fresh.

It’s in the toys, books and games you pick up off the family room floor only for them to return an hour later.

It’s in the cakes you bake together and don’t even mind if they make a mess.

It’s the times you selflessly wipe up the spilled drinks or sweep away the crumbs even though they will soon be replaced by more.

It’s when you unconsciously sweep the hair out of their face or tuck a strand behind their ear so you can look into their eyes or see their features more clearly.

It’s in the turn of the pages as you read them that extra bedtime story even though it’s past their bedtime.

It’s the times you lay next to them in bed when they feel unwell and need your comfort throughout the night.

It’s in the spontaneous laughter over something insignificant yet ever so precious and memory-making.

It’s in the cold cup of tea or coffee you drink because someone always needs you to do something ‘right now’.

It’s in the countless kilometres you drive to help them pursue their dreams, even though you may have sacrificed your own.

It’s in the times you have dropped everything to be by their side, no matter what the circumstances.

It’s in the tears you brush and kiss away when they need it most.

It’s in the warm hugs that linger for a moment longer than they need to, especially on an emotional day.

It’s in the understanding ear that listens even through all the chaos and commotion.

It’s in the guilt you feel when you may have yelled because you reached your limit.

It’s in the deep breaths you take or the tears you cry when it all gets too much but you continue on anyway.

I know you question it every day. But mum, please know that you are enough.

In everything you do, in everything you say. You are enough.

You aren’t ‘just a mum’, you’re their mum and that’s enough. That’s more than enough.


31 thoughts on “Mum, you are enough

  1. Beautiful words Erika. Some days you just need to hear another Mum say to you “I understand what you are going through. You are not alone.” This happened to me a few weeks ago. I had been feeling overwhelmed about a few things, and one of the Mum’s I knew from school had chatted with me and made me feel that I was doing enough. x

  2. Lovely post. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes. I thought I’d be ridden with guilt about having my recent surgery, because I’d have to take lots of time to recover and the Little Mister would have to learn to play independently more and not be super physical with me (he’s very full on and affectionate). He’s had his dad of course, but I worried that he’d struggle with his previously on tap mama being much less available or fun times. I thought he’d feel less loved by me.
    I shouldn’t have, because he’s adapted well, learned about compassion and has exercised understanding and empathy. His blatant disregard for our boundaries (haha hello 4 year old) has been replaced by respect for them. He has behaved a lot more and really shown his true character as a caring little man. He’s not been exposed to anything more than a 4 year old should have to have on his shoulders, but he’s amazed me and made me realised he can handle more than I gave him credit for. He’s also shown me in so many ways that he still feels loved and secure. Sometimes those moments we think we’re not enough, our kids are showing us just how much we are – it can even be good for them!! xx

  3. Now my kids are grown I am enjoying a wonderful rich relationship with each of them. So yes, Mums, you ARE enough and when your kids grow up they will remember and appreciate all that you have done, all that you are, and all that you have been to them. Reaping the rewards!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  4. Lovely Erika. Some days it seems they are the ultimate parasites. Other days you wonder how you would survive without them x

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