10 everyday moments I’m grateful for now that I’m a mum

10 everyday moments I'm grateful for now that I'm a mum - Ever-changing Life of a MumI absolutely adore my kids, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some time to myself. Sometimes all I need is a meagre 10 minutes to feel like a whole new woman again.

I’m sure many of you may be reading this expecting a bunch of mindful mummy moments and important life messages about spending time with my kids, but this post is more about learning to accept where I currently am in my life and enjoying the time – albeit short – that I do get for myself.

Deep down I know it’s not going to be like this forever, so I’m learning to roll with it. It certainly makes any amount of ‘me time’ extra special and can turn a rather mundane and everyday moment into something just that little bit more.

Here are a few mummy, and usually kid-free, moments I have started to truly cherish lately.

A shower

These days I’m lucky to have a shower every couple of days (I know, gross right?!) so when I do I make sure it’s like a 10-minute full on pampering and steam sauna session complete with facial cleansing and moisturising.

A trip to the supermarket

“Oh we’ve run out of milk? I’ll pop out and get some more.” My husband might think I’m doing the family a favour but I really love that 15 minute escape down the road to the supermarket. No car seats to buckle up, no bickering,Β just me and some music playing as I then walk into the store on my own sometimes taking the opportunity to wander the aisles checking out the magazines on offer, cosmetics, body sprays …oh, and the milk of course!

My monthly eyebrow wax

Over the years, I have reduced my hair and beauty treatments drastically. Having babies and living on one income will do that, but a 10-minute eyebrow wax is one thing that I’m not willing to let go of. I can grow my hair long, I can tie it into a ponytail, I can shave my legs but I can’t wax and pluck my eyebrows without some assistance. It’s amazing how much information I can share with my beautician during those shorts appointments as I brain dump everything that has happened with me and my family in the past four weeks!

Filling the car with petrol

I actually really, really dislike filling my car up with petrol but I realise now that it’s only because I don’t like taking the girls into the shop to pay, but I don’t like leaving them alone in the car either. This means ignoring requests for slushies at 10am in the morning and fending off the cleverly placed lollies and chocolates while we wait in the queue to pay as the words ‘no’, ‘no’, ‘no’ repeatedly rolls off my tongue. To go on my own is now an exciting, rather relaxing experience.Β Sometimes I even take the time to check the pressure of my tyres, without hearing the sound of a screaming baby or bickering kids rocking around in the car.

A hot cup of tea or coffee

I think the key word here is HOT. I have plenty of cups of coffee and tea during a day, but they are usually more of the lukewarm variety.

Reading a book

Sitting on the couch and turning those pages is like a little bit of therapy right there. Combine it with the hot cup coffee I was just talking about, maybe even a piece of cake or a biscuit and that’s heaven right there.

Afternoon naps

Well not for me unfortunately, but I certainly enjoy the quiet when Miss 1 goes down for a nap and my older girls are at school. Sipping a hot cup of coffee (there’s that key word again!) in silence is bliss. Hopefully I have at least another year of this – my eldest daughter gave up her nap when she was 2 and my other daughter was about 3.

Time for new hobbies

I find baking, sewing and crochet rather therapeutic for me. It’s so satisfying to see a creative project I have been working on come to life and this is certainly easier to manage during kid-free moments. While baking with kids may provide great entertainment, they don’t find the clean up as much fun. The same goes for sewing, it’s all fun and games until the machine jams up. And I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to restart a crochet granny square because the kids have ‘desperately’ needed me for something. So any time alone that I may get for this is pure bliss.

Going outside for a simple walk

I don’t really exercise as much as I should at the moment, so to be able to pull on my sneakers, tie up my laces and walk out the door on my own for a quick walk around the block is fabulous. My Labrador tends to agree with this one too! A trip to local park for a walk around the lake is even better, but let’s not push things!

Time for bed

Their little eyelids have fluttered closed and they’re finally sound asleep after bedtime stories, guided relaxations, lavender spray, cuddles, fresh water, change of pyjamas because the other ones feel too hot and itchy… Ah, do you hear that? It’s silence … followed by sound of foil being removed from a Toblerone bar that I have been waiting patiently to consume on my own, just me and all those triangular chocolaty nougat almond pieces of goodness. Heaven.

Reading back over this I don’t know if I live an entirely sad life or if this is a completely normal existence. Regardless, I’m taking these kid-free mummy moments as they come and making the most of them anyway!

What is your favourite kid-free mummy moment?

38 thoughts on “10 everyday moments I’m grateful for now that I’m a mum

  1. Hehe! I remember the days when going to the supermarket was more of an escape from my toddlers than a chore! Nowadays I’m happy for my kids to come and help me with the shopping.

  2. Oh I hear you! Showers, reading a book and eating chocolate on the couch after he’s in bed. It’s what saves my sanity:-) I know lots of mums who sneak in some me-time while they’re out ‘grocery shopping’. Visiting from team #ibot

  3. At the moment any moment that is kid free would be a joy! My kids are older only winter brings sickness with kids who get asthma so that means I haven’t had much kid free time at all. Plus because I am at home at the moment I seem to also end up with extras. I am really looking forward to the end of the school holidays because when they goes back next week I will have had kids home for 4 weeks through sickness and holidays. I am craving some alone time. I know this sounds really awful to mums who have toddlers and children that are home all the time. But when you get used to having them not at home and need that time for self care and you don’t get it for extended periods of weeks not just days it can feel extremely suffocating.

  4. I think I would go crazy at the end of the day if I didn’t have my 10 minutes to shower and pop my pj’s on. The boys love to have their bath or shower with their Daddy and so I normally grab another 20 minutes or so to myself then – although, this normally consists of me trying to clean up as quickly as possible after dinner so that I can grab 5 minutes peace on the couch with the news.

  5. I completely agree with your list, I’m always happy to volunteer to pick up some more milk when we run out and often stop for petrol at the same time!

  6. I think it’s the little things that mean a lot! I love how you still manage to make some time for yourself, it’s not always easy but it’s worth it, right?!

  7. Yes to all of these. For petrol, I am so grateful for pay at the pump! My favourite child-free thing to do is a nap or even just a lay down in bed. I love lots of snuggles with my kids but really any “adulting” I need to do works far better for me child-free. πŸ˜‰

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