Book reviews for different reading stages and ages

Book reviews for different reading stages and ages - Ever-changing Life of a MumToday on the blog I review three children’s books aimed at different reading stages and ages, from toddlers through to primary school children.

This follows on from last month’s opportunity to ask Dymocks Literacy Expert and State Director of the Australian Literacy Educator’s Association, Ryan Spencer a few questions about encouraging young people to read throughout the school years and beyond.

I learned a great deal from this guest post and was rather happy when I realised that I already have a few of the reading tips and strategies mentioned in place with my girls.

As part of this guest post, Dymocks provided a great list of book recommendations for different age groups and I was lucky enough to receive a book for each of my girls, who are aged one, six and 11, to review.

Let’s start with the emerging readers aged under five years…

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes – by Mem Fox

Book review Ten Little Fingers Ten Little Toes - Ever-changing Life of a MumThis is a really sweet book and after reading it to Miss 1 before bed one evening I actually wondered why it had not made it to my daughter’s bookshelf until now. The book also provides the perfect excuse to give Miss 1’s cute little tootsies a tickle along the way, which is always greeted with the most gorgeous smiles and giggles.

This book offers a lovely rhyming story and is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Helen Oxenbury that celebrate the cuteness of babies.

By featuring babies from across the world, it also gently raises the concept of acceptance and that despite our differences we are essentially all the same.

Now on to beginner readers (aged five-six years) …

Billie B Brown (Collection 1) – by Sally Rippin

Book review Billie B Brown Collection 1 - Ever-changing Life of a MumMiss 6 has been a fan of Billie B Brown books for a little while now and had already read a few books in this series before receiving this collection of 10 stories.

Featured in this book are The Bad Butterfly, The Soccer Star, The Midnight Feast, The Second-best Friend, The Beautiful Haircut, The Extra-special Helper, The Perfect Present, The Secret Message, The Big Sister and The Birthday Mix-up.

Miss 6’s favourite was The Big Sister, which is about Billie’s baby brother, Noah, being born. “I like Billie B Brown books because they are funny and very interesting,” she said.

As a parent, I feel that these books are well matched to my daughter’s reading level. While they present a few challenging words, they are still easy enough to provide my daughter with the encouragement to continue reading more. Miss 6 loves the idea of reading chapter books just like her older sister, yet these books aren’t too long her for to get bored so she can usually finish a single story in one sitting.

Finally for the older readers (aged 10-11 years)…

Friday Barnes Girl Detective – by RA Spratt

Book review Friday Barnes Girl Detective - Ever-changing Life of a MumFriday Barnes is about an 11-year-old girl who wins $50,000 for solving a mystery of a bank robbery and she spends the money on going to a boarding school, but it’s full of crime. Along the way she solves a lot of mysteries happening at the school.

I was surprised when it initially took Miss 11 a little bit of time to get into this book, as she loves reading a good children’s spy book, but when she finally did she was totally hooked and was reading chunks of it at a time.

“The book was very mysterious and exciting. I couldn’t stop reading it. It got better as it went on,” she said.

“It was the right level for me as there were some challenging words but that was fine as that’s the type of books they want me to read at school. The ending left me hanging for more. I’d like to read the next book now.”

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*This is not a sponsored post, however I was gifted three books from Dymocks for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I nearly bought Billie B recently but ended up with Clementine Rose. Can’t wait to get reading them 🙂

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