Review: Travel Kids Club inspiring kids to make a difference

Review Travel Kids Club - Ever-changing Life of a MumDiscovering the world with young children in tow isn’t always easy.

Enter the Travel Kids Club.

This great initiative allows parents to subscribe their children to receive a monthly information and activities package in the mail that allows them to explore a different country and learn more about the world in which they live.

With our access to technology and immediate electronic communication, there’s something really lovely about a package being delivered to your door these days. Miss 11 and Miss 7 were super excited to arrive home from school to find that their Travel Kids Club pack had arrived just for them … Miss 7 wanted to get stuck into the colouring page straight away!

In this edition, children had the opportunity to discover the country of Cambodia.

The pack contained:

  • An information booklet and fact sheet
  • Three paper craft activities – create an elephant, spider and hot air balloon
  • Crossword and word search
  • Two Travel Kids Club stickers
  • Chance to vote for one or two causes
  • Colouring page and competition.

Travel Kids Club colouring competition

Travel Kids Club is created by Serena and Johnny Leonard who have been travelling the world for the past three-and-a-half years documenting their travels. They created the website Five Point Five and have filmed about 30 documentaries in some of the poorest, most remote places in the world. Through Travel Kids Club, they hope to inspire children aged 6-11 about the wonderful world in which they live and give them the confidence to know they can make a difference.

This time round, Serena and Johnny share information on Cambodia including the Cambodian language, culture, some of the amazing sights of the country and its local wildlife.

I have to say that discussing how families and children live in Cambodia was a real eye opener for my children – the type of housing; limited education and access to food, water and electricity; needing to beg or work from a young age to help their families survive.

Sometimes I need to remind my children of just how fortunate they are. To be able to read and show them photos of how children live in other parts of the world was a great way to cement what I had already been discussing with them.

I found the information booklet was a little intensive for my seven-year-old so I read it with her, discussing the contents and condensing the information into something a little easier for her to understand. On the other hand, Miss 11 quickly devoured and really seemed to enjoy reading the entire information pack and used it to complete the crossword and personalise her hot air balloon and colouring competition entry. I was very impressed!

Both of my girls thoroughly enjoyed the craft activities included in the pack. But most of all they really seemed to like the chance to vote for one of the selected causes. I think it made them feel like they were contributing and making a difference, with my eldest voting to send a Cambodian girl to school while Miss 7 wanted to help build enclosures for endangered turtles.

Overall, I appreciate having the opportunity to review and try out the Travel Kids Club pack with my children. It was full of great information and activities that allowed my children to find out more about the world in which they live, discover its differences yet realise that as people we are all the same.

The next Travel Kids Club pack is due to be shipped in September 2016. One three and six month subscriptions are available. To sign up your children or to find out more, visit Travel Kids Club at

*This is not a sponsored post, however I was gifted a Travel Kids Club pack for two children for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


10 thoughts on “Review: Travel Kids Club inspiring kids to make a difference

  1. Oh I love this! My kids are a little young but I think my 6 year old would gain so much from this. Understanding we need to be grateful for what we have would be a great learning tool. I’ll be signing up for sure Erika 🙂 what a wonderful idea #team IBOT xx

  2. Thanks for this lovely review Erika! We are thrilled that they enjoyed the package – we designed the packs to be consumed with parental guidance for kids 6-8 and kids independently from 9-11 which is exactly as you have described it, so I am really pleased that we got the mix right! Thanks so much!!

  3. This is a wonderful idea!!! I love trying to teach my kids about other cultures or countries and sometimes it’s hard when it’s just through books or videos.

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