Review: Putting Sinchies reusable pouches to the test with my family

Review Sinchies - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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With three children who seem to be growing up very quickly, it feels like I’m constantly in the kitchen creating the next meal or snack to fuel their little bodies.

Did I mention they are growing? Like really, really fast! It seems like I have only just fed them when the next cry of “Mum, I’m hungry!” comes from one of their mouths.

I recently had the opportunity to put a fantastic assortment of reusable pouches to the test thanks to Sinchies.

I was so excited to receive the package in the mail and get started on trying out these reusable pouches with my family.

I kindly received the Sinchies Big Kids lunchbox pack (consisting of 5 x 140ml pouches, 5 x 200ml pouches, 5 x sandwich bags, 5 x snack bags and 2 x wrap bags) – pretty much everything I could possibly need to fill my school children’s lunch boxes – as well as a pack of 10 Sinchies Pops (reusable iceblock pouches) and some Sip’n silicone lids for my toddler. Sinchies even provided me with a very handy cleaning brush!

Sinchies pouches

The pouches make it so easy to send yoghurt or custard in my kids school lunch boxes, plus it’s far cheaper to purchase a large container than the individual throwaway pouches from the supermarket. In the long run, the reusable pouches will certainly pay for themselves.

My only suggestion would be to consider designing a pouch with the sipper at the top as my girls find them much easier to eat this way than to hold them on the side. Lids that connect to pouch would also be a great idea so these are not so easily lost. (TIP: if you do have any lids from your past throwaway pouches, keep them as spares as the ones I have fitted the Sinchies pouches!)

I would suggest purchasing a Sinchies collapsible funnel to help make the pouches easier to fill – I was lucky enough to already have one in the cupboard from a past purchase I made at an online baby store.

While I found the double ziplock on the pouches were sometimes a little difficult to close, at least I knew they wouldn’t leak in my children’s lunch boxes or while my kids were eating them. We even used the pouches to make jelly for a treat and it worked really well!

Sinchies pops

My girls loved the Sinchies Pops – we simply filled them with juice, placed them in the freezer and soon enough they had yummy icy poles to enjoy. I can see these getting a lot of use over summer!

Sip’n silcone lids

The Sip’n silicone lids were absolutely fantastic for my 18 month old as it meant she couldn’t squeeze the contents of the pouch all over herself, plus it comes with an attachable lid so it can’t be lost … or eaten! It’s great that these lids also fit other store bought yoghurt/custard pouches. I now keep a clean one in the baby bag just in case I ever need it when I’m out and about.

Sinchies sandwich and wrap bags

The sandwich and wrap bags are more than big enough, with a decent gusset at the bottom making them larger than they first appear. My only thought once I started using them was how it would be extremely handy to have a tab at the top to help open the bag as sometimes I found this a little tricky – however when I went back and looked at the Sinchies website while writing up this review I saw that the bags have already been redesigned to include this – nice work Sinchies!

In terms of cleaning the bags and pouches, I found this pretty easy and the see-through plastic makes it really helpful to make sure they were fully clean before the next use and they seemed to dry well on the drying rack in my kitchen.

But wait...!

While I started out using Sinchies for school lunches and snacks, I discovered the reusable bags were also extremely handy in other ways around the house and when on the go.

A large bag now sits on my kitchen bench with dummies for my little one. Plus, I also use one of the sandwich bags to hold opened smaller packets of snacks, such as mini rice cakes, cookies and so on, that I may give to my toddler but don’t wish for her to finish a whole packet. I fold up the opened packets and place these inside a Sinchies pouch, zip it close and it keeps it fresh until next time.

They are also great to store small items I may need in my baby bag or handbag – the see-through plastic makes things nice and easy to find too!

All up, I was very happy with the Sinchies products I received for review and look forward to continuing to use them with my family.

For more information or to check out the full range of Sinchies products, you can click here to visit the Sinchies website and online store.

*This is not a sponsored post, however I was gifted a range of Sinchies products – Big Kids Lunch pack $40, Sinchies Pops $15, Sip n Silcone lids $16 and cleaning brush $9 (total value $80) – for the purpose of this review.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and purchase a product I earn a small commission but you don’t pay any extra.

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