An interview with my children – 2016

An interview with my children 2016 - Ever-changing Life of a MumHere we are back again for this year’s instalment of ‘An interview with my children’.

Last year during the September school holidays, I was finding it difficult to make the time to blog so I had the idea of asking my children a series of questions to record moments of their life, their hopes, their dreams and some of their favourite things. It worked out so well that I decided it would be interesting to ask the same questions each year to see how their answers change as they grow.

These school holidays just flew by – seriously, where is this year going?! – but I had time at the end of last week to quickly interview my girls so I thought I’d still pop the answers up on the blog now as they begin Term 4.

Once again, only my two older girls participated this year but I really look forward to when I can include my youngest daughter as well and hear answers from all three of them … I’m sure it will make for some pretty funny and rather cute responses in years to come!

For now, here’s the 2016 edition with Miss 7 and Miss 11.

What is your favourite colour?
Miss 7: Purple
Miss 11: Aqua

What is your favourite food?
Miss 7: Chocolate
Miss 11: Cakes, of all different kinds

What is your favourite movie?
Miss 7: Barbie and the Princess Charm School
Miss 11: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Who is your favourite singer or band?
Miss 7: Taylor Swift and Guy Sebastian
Miss 11: Taylor Swift

What is your favourite book?
Miss 7: Billie B Brown series
Miss 11: Alice Miranda series

What is your favourite animal?
Miss 7: Penguins, because they waddle around funny
Miss 11: Dolphins, because they do lots of tricks and are kind

What is your favourite subject at school?
Miss 7: Art because we get to make things with glue and paint
Miss 11: Art, because you get to make things

What is your favourite thing to do with your sisters?
Miss 7: Playing games with them, such as hide and seek
Miss 11: Making an iMovie called ‘The Amazing Baby Show’ about my baby sister.

Where is your favourite place to go?
Miss 7: Sea World
Miss 11: Gold Coast

If you could choose anywhere to go on holiday where would like to go?
Miss 7: America
Miss 11: Disneyland and America

What is your favourite thing to do with mummy?
Miss 7: Hugs
Miss 11: Go shopping

What is your favourite thing to do with daddy?
Miss 7: Go bowling
Miss 11: Go to Timezone

Give three words to describe mummy
Miss 7: Nice, kind and loving
Miss 11: Kind, loving and helpful

Give three words to describe daddy
Miss 7: Kind, happy and funny
Miss 11: Funny, sport-lover and kind

What are some of your strengths or what are you good at?
Miss 7: Karate and singing
Miss 11: Dancing, singing, cooking and writing stories

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Miss 7: A singer
Miss 11: An author or dancer

What makes you happy?
Miss 7: Doing karate and my sisters playing with me
Miss 11: Dancing and doing what I love

What makes you nervous?
Miss 7: Going on stage for a school performance
Miss 11: Being away from my family for a long time

What would be a perfect day for you?
Miss 7: Going on a holiday to Queensland
Miss 11: Going to all the places I want to go

What’s your favourite memory?
Miss 7: When I was little and was singing ‘Single Ladies’ (by Beyonce) but sang the words as “All the singlets” while jumping on my bed at home in my singlet
Miss 11: Winning the Most Outstanding Student Award at my dance academy

So there you have it – another year, another interview. I’m looking forward to next year already!


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  1. All the singlet ladies!! That is epic. I love it! So, so funny. Aww your girls are just so cute. I love the differences between the 11 and 7 year old. I love the response to your favourite thing to do with mummy 🙂 #teamIBOT

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