DIY Kids Pamper Birthday Party

DIY kids pamper party- Ever-changing Life of a Mum

When my daughter asked if she could have a pamper party with a few friends to celebrate her birthday I was more than ready to take up the challenge.

Miss 7 celebrated her birthday back in August and I’ve been meaning to post about it on the blog ever since after a few parents mentioned it was such as great idea. Finally, here it is!

I was already aware of what I needed to arrange for the party as we had held a pamper party at home for Miss 7’s older sister a few years ago. However, back then I had been working full time so fully outsourced the whole thing to a kids party planner and let them do their thing …. although I have to say that the whole time the party was underway I kept thinking how easily I could have pulled the whole thing together if only I had the time.

So this time round I decided to take on the party planning myself and treat my daughter and four of her friends to foot spa bubble baths, facial masks, painted nails on hands and feet, a little bit of make-up and some glitter hair spray.

DIY kids pamper party time - Ever-changing Life of a MumSet up was super easy. I placed a few chairs draped with small towels placed in a semi-circle with the foot spas below on top of a few large towels just in case there was any spillage. I opted for an afternoon party and decided to place out a selection of snacks and drinks on a table for the girls to enjoy throughout the afternoon so I wouldn’t need to worry about preparing any food during the party.

Miss 7 had such a great time with her friends being pampered and spoilt … I was actually a little bit jealous thinking that maybe I should ask for one of these parties for my next birthday hahaha!

If you’re considering giving your own little miss a pamper party for her next birthday celebration, here’s a few more details on how I pulled it all together.


I designed the invitations myself on the computer and printed these at home. I was conscious of sensitive skin in young children, particularly as my own daughter has eczema, so made sure when the invitations went out that I asked for parents to let me know if any of the children had skin allergies when they sent through their RSVP.

I also asked each of the guests to bring along a bathrobe, if they had one, to give the party a nice day spa feel. Plus I made sure I had a couple of spare ones on the day just in case.

Foot bubble baths

DIY kids pamper party foot spa - Ever-changing Life of a MumTo start with, the girls enjoyed a foot spa bubble bath. I bought some cheap round wash tubs from my local discount store and used some baby wash/bubble bath in warm water to create the bubbles.

As the girls enjoyed their foot spas, they each selected a nail colour of their choice for their hands and feet – after three girls I have accumulated A LOT of  nail polish so I didn’t need to buy anything new.

Manicure and pedicure

DIY kids pamper party nail polish - Ever-changing Life of a MumWith their feet dry now dry, it was a matter of applying a quick coat of colour to each of the girls’ nails and once they were dry adding some sparkly glitter polish on top.

To help pass the time, they enjoyed passing around a game of ‘Bop It’. I was lucky enough to have help from a couple of parents who decided to stay at the party, it certainly sped up the whole process.

Face mask and cucumber eye treatment

DIY kids pamper party face mask - Ever-changing Life of a MumI spent some time in the chemist selecting a face mask that would be suitable for children. I chatted with one of the store assistants and ended up buying a clay mask made with natural ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin but wasn’t overly expensive given it was only going to be used at the party. I gave it a test run on my two older girls prior to the party and also made sure I asked all the children at the party to let me know if their skin felt like it was burning or itchy after it was applied to ensure no one had an allergic reaction. Lucky for us, we were in the clear!

After popping the mask on each of the girls faces, I gave them each a couple of cucumbers for the eyes, which the girls absolutely loved and found totally hilarious … I made sure I cut up a few extras to eat too!

When the masks were ready, I used small face washers and some warm water in a bowl to wipe off the masks. Now they were ready for some make up!

Make-up and hair

I used some of my own existing make up as well as a kids make-up kit, which you can pick up fairly cheaply from department stores. For this age group I went with eye shadow, lipstick and blush but if your girls are a little older you could possibly add in some mascara and eyeliner. Finally, a burst of glitter hairspray and they were all set.

Photo shoot

For a little bit of fun, each of the girls got to take a walk down the ‘catwalk’ to some music and strike a pose at the end. In reality, they just walked out of the hallway and made their entrance into the family room, but they had the biggest smiles on their faces! After a quick group photo and a few games of musical statues and musical chairs, they enjoyed some yummy birthday cake (ice cream cake at the birthday girl’s request and mummy wasn’t going to argue with that!) and then the party was almost over.

Party favours

Instead of lollies for a party favour bag, I kept to the party theme and wrapped up a few lip glosses to hand out to guests as they left.

All up, I think the party was a great success! The kids seemed to have such a good time and it was also fairly easy to pull together. That’s a win-win I say!


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  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I have three daughters and it is often difficult to come up with themes for parties, so this is a really great one for me to keep in mind!

  2. Thats such a super cute idea!!! I love the foot spa bubbles and then a photo shoot at the end would just top it off! 7 year old birthday parties have come a long way since I was a kid! LOL!

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