Summer holiday fun in your own backyard + WIN a fun water play pack for your family!

Summer holiday fun in your own backyard - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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The year is flying and it’s hard to believe that summer school holidays are almost here again! Growing up in the 80s, I have many fond memories of sunny days spent playing in the backyard with my siblings.

Some of the best times I had were the countless hours spent hurtling myself down a slip and slide over and over and over again, splashing around in the wading pool until my fingers and toes turned wrinkly and running around squealing like crazy under a simpler.

Then when we were tired and had enough, we headed inside to grab a Sunnyboy from the freezer to slurp away in front of the television or maybe even take a nap to the sounds of a test cricket match as my brothers watched on in interest (me not so much).

There were real no schedules or planned activities, just spontaneous fun with my siblings and the occasional last minute play date with friends. We didn’t really go on family holidays, just the occasional day trip to the beach, but we still had plenty of fun at home with games of backyard cricket or chasey often with a water pistol in hand.

Times may have changed, but this summer I intend to try and recreate some of this good old fashioned summer fun with my own children.

Water play

From slip and slides to wading pools, sprinklers to water pistols – there are some awesome water play products on the market these days. You can find a great range of water toys available from Clark Rubber that are sure to keep your kids entertained day after day over the summer break.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a double superslide and Dinoland aqua play centre with my girls – they had an absolute ball! No need to head out when my own backyard looked like a water theme park with them all set up near our outdoor spa.

I even took a bit of a trip down memory lane as I recently browsed their range online when I came across the aqua pony! It’s the very same toy I received one year at Christmas and used in my wading pool. It was far too big for the size of the pool, but I gosh how I loved it! I guess some things don’t change after all.

Always remember, never leave children unattended when playing near water. Also, check with your local council for pool and spa fencing, safety and water regulations.

**One blog reader has the opportunity to win a fun family water play pack from Clark Rubber – keep reading for details!**


Sports and games

Whether it be backyard cricket, totem tennis, badminton, netball or basketball, it’s easy to set up a fun game for the kids in the backyard. I even recall using a cricket stump as a bat and a tennis ball for a game of stick cricket in the garage when the weather wasn’t great over the holidays. Or grab some chalk and create a masterpiece on the pavement outside or draw up a game of hopscotch. Even a simple game of catch, hide and seek or elastics offers plenty of fun.

Tents and cubbies

If you have a tent, consider grabbing and sleeping bags and pitching the tent in the backyard for a camp out with the kids one night when the weather is warm. Or make a simple cubby in the backyard during the day using a tarpaulin, sheets, rope, chairs or whatever you have on hand, then let the kids’ use their imagination and enjoy their creation.


Get the kids involved in planting a few pretty summer flowers in the garden or create a small vegetable patch – even a large pot will do if space is an issue – at the beginning of the summer holidays. Plant some summer-loving vegetables such as lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber or zucchini and get your children involved in watering and nurturing the seeds or seedlings and watching them as they grow over the weeks to come.

Christmas lights and carols

String up some fairy lights in the backyard, grab some cushions, blankets and chairs, and enjoy singing some Christmas songs with your family, on invite a few friends over, for your very own carols night. You could even light some candles or find some battery powered ones to add to the experience.

Outdoor nature craft

Send your kids on a scavenger hunt in the backyard to collect flowers, leaves, seed pods, rocks and so on then set up an arts and crafts station outside with paper, cardboard, glue, paint, ribbon, string, for them to create something from their backyard nature finds. It could be an artwork or even a mobile with items threaded onto a stick from the garden – it’s limited only by their imagination!

Any one of these simple activities is bound to create some beautiful summer holiday memories for you and your family. It’s these moments of laughter and happiness and time spent together that will be cherished forever.


Water play prize pack - Ever-changing Life of a MumTo help your family enjoy the summer holidays, Clark Rubber is offering one reader the chance to win a fun family water play pack consisting of a Double Superslide and Dinoland Play Centre. The total prize pack is valued at $134.95 RRP!

To enter, simply answer this question by commenting below: What is your fondest memory of summer holiday fun with your family or as a child?


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 *This post is supported by Clark Rubber. I also received a Double Superslide (RRP $34.95) and a Dinoland Play Centre (RRP $99.95) for the purpose of this post, however all opinions expressed in this post are my own. Links in this post are for information purposes and are not affiliate links.

42 thoughts on “Summer holiday fun in your own backyard + WIN a fun water play pack for your family!

  1. We spent a lot of our summer holidays with our grandparents on the gold Coast. Our days would consistent of digging for pippies at the “surf beach” then using them as bait with our hand reels at the “calm beach” to catch brim. After that we’d head back to their apartment and go swimming in the pool for as long as possible then come inside for grandma’s special milo {milo, ice-cream and Honey smoothie omg it was so good}. I was so sad when they sold the gold coast apartment because it meant no more holidays at the beach. Then we went back to backyard sprinklers and sunny boys just like you did 🙂 Was so good being an 80’s child.

  2. The Dinoland Play Centre looks amazing! Forget the kids – I want a go!

    My fondest summer memory is a family holiday we had down at Apollo Bay. We went with family friends and had a blast. It was actually quite cold, but it didn’t stop us from boogie boarding and generally mucking about, not to mention doing all the hikes to waterfalls in the area. It was actually our last family holiday, and it’s nice to have that beautiful memory.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! #teamIBOT

  3. Oh this looks absolutely amazing! My kids would love it. Thanks for the other great ideas too. Okay, fondest memory is our beach holidays down the Gold Coast at the Southern Cross units at Burleigh Heads. I can smell the sea air and norfolk pines right now 🙂 We would play in the surf on our boogie boards until lunch. Mum would make us cheese and vegemite toasties and then we’d head back to the beach. On dusk we’d have fish and chips and listen to the rainbow lorikeets go crazy in the norfolk pines. So many great memories.

  4. These look like so much fun! My boys are busting for entertainment like this for summer.

    I really wish I had something like this when I was a child, but I didn’t. We had grass and we had hoses plus I had 2 older brothers. There was wet grass, sliding on my knees and now there’s scars to tell the story!

  5. Best memories as a kid was meeting our kiwi cousins for the first time and breaking out the water slide on the grass with heaps of washing up liquid. The photos are GOLD!! Big love to those memories!! That was in the 80s. We’re all grown up with kids of our own now, and they’re old enough this summer for some soapy slide fun of their own!! We shall have to Skype the fun til we get there in person 😊 x

  6. Just about living in our Clark Rubber swimming pool, Santa Claus set it up in the middle of the night Christmas Eve, while my three brothers, sister and I slept. We all had so much fun in that pool. I learnt to swim in it, my sister had her 13th birthday as a pool party around and in it and my youngest brother broke his arm falling off the pool ladder. The neighbourhood kids, cousins and friends all had fun in our pool.

  7. As a child it would have to be playing under the sprinkler in our backyard, wearing only my little bikini bottoms with tie up sides & my friend the dog from across the road seeking me out and deciding to play tug of war with my bikini bottoms (he was obsessed with the ties on the sides), until he’d knock me over, determined he was having what I was wearing. It used to freak my parents out, but how it made me laugh. I loved Cindy (the dog) just as much as I did the Sprinkler in Summer.

  8. Summer holidays, travelling interstate, by car, Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and I, to surprise my Grandparents. Got there, only to find out they weren’t home, told by a neighbour they’d left only that morning to drive down and surprise us with a visit!!!!! Fortunately Dad knew where they kept the spare key, we made ourselves at home until they got back, they had the best pool, it was enormous, and deep, kept us cool and out of mischief.

  9. Holidaying in Mildura, and I loved nothing more than hugging onto Dad, arms tightly around his neck, as he’d swim from one side of the Murray to the other. Those were the days, carefree and fun.

  10. Spending our summerchandise holidays at our family beach shack. Poor Dad would still go off to we or each day while Mum, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and endless cousins would visit maybe for the day, maybe for a week. And we’d all sleep on bunk beds, mattresses on the floor or the front verandah! Such fun times.

  11. Two words… WATER FIGHT! We had some of the best neighborhood-wide water fights growing up. It would be about four houses involved in a court setting. Hoses, buckets, water balloons. Big kids. Little kids. Adults. Nobody was safe. It is definitely one of my fondest childhood summer memories.

  12. Going under the sprinkler but because water is so pricey now, it is a thing of the past.
    We also made our own slip and slide out of black plastic and it`s a wonder we didnt break any bones when we added detergent haha!

  13. My fondest memories are spending the day with a piece of builders plastic, the sprinkler, dish washing liquid and a couple of tent pegs spending all day running up and down the backyard on our makeshift waterslide. Of course the run up the hill was more like a dance as you avoided the bindi’s. It was so much fun!

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