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Back to school with Smash - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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Finding the right lunch box for your child might sound like a simple task, but in reality it can actually be rather tricky. With so many items on the market these days, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed when staring at the aisles of possibilities.

From insulated lunch boxes, bento boxes, drink bottles, food and snack containers, ice packs, sandwich cutters, there are so many things to consider.

My family had the opportunity to road test some of Smash’s new back to school range for 2017. My girls and I were super excited to check out what they have on offer – I think I have a slight obsession with collecting lunch box items (along with my addiction to stationery) which I have obviously passed on to my children!

Smash lunch boxes - Ever-changing Life of a MumLunch bags

Smash has several lunch boxes on the market and we received the following to check out – the double decker coldbox, single coldbox, duffle lunch bag, Smash Lunch Box, S2 case insulated lunch bag and the slimline coldbox (as pictured, left to right row by row).

Each of these insulated lunch bags feature Smash’s new Blue IQ technology which offers an antibacterial lining that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew to reduce smells and stains from appearing in your child’s lunch box. Obviously, only time will tell how the lunch boxes fair, but hopefully they are as good as they sound!

With so many lunch boxes to choose from, I asked my girls to give me their favourites for the purpose of this review.

Miss 11’s top picks

The Smash Lunch box featuring removable insulation was her absolute favourite. It features a plastic lunch box with removable insulated cover and carry handle. There are two main compartments with a removable sandwich holder and a leak proof snack pot. Miss 11 has already told me several times that she plans to take this lunch box to school for the first day back of the year! She also likes the polkadot S2 case insulated lunch bag and the striped slimline coldbox with ‘Dream, Sparkle, Shine’ print.

Miss 7’s top picks
Miss 7 really loves the duffle lunch bag. It’s such a cute bag to carry her lunch to school, plus as she prefers to have her lunch in separate containers I think it will work well. She also likes the unicorn design of the single coldbox as well as the striped slimline coldbox with ‘Dream, Sparkle, Shine’ print.

My picks for Miss 1 (almost 2)
For my littlest one, I also like the design of the duffle lunch bag as it’s easy to hang over the handle of her pram and grab out what I need when we’re out and about. Similarly, the design of the double decker coldbox is super cute and also has a handle, plus there’s plenty of room, over two levels, to store lunch and snacks for when we’re on the go.

Nude Food Mover containers

We loved all of the Nude Food Movers containers we received – I can see the Fruity Mover, Cracker Mover, Snack and Dip container and the Snack Orbs being put to a lot of good use when school goes back.

In particular, the Snack Orbs are a particularly fun food container for children to take to school or on the way to after school activities. Plus, I was really happy to find the cracker mover is the perfect size to fit in several rice cakes as regular sandwich containers are usually too roomy. The fruity mover is a great size to pack a healthy snack and I love the two compartments in the snack and dip container – even if your children don’t like dips (like mine!) you can easily pack two types of treats in this container instead.

Drink bottles

Of the drink bottles we received, my girls loved the designs of the flip top Fashion Tritan bottles, which comes in a great 750ml size that will last them a full day at school. For myself, I find the 500ml Celeb bottle to be a good size to pop in my handbag when out and about, while my husband quickly put the navy blue stainless steel drink bottle to good use at work (plus it’s perfect the perfect colour for a Carlton football club supporter like himself!).


An ice block is an essential in any lunch box. We are long time users of Smash’s ice bricks, but I was pleases to see Smash has introduced a set of ice sheets into its range. These are thinner than the bricks and may fit better in some lunch bags, depending on the type of lunch box or containers you use.

With children returning to school in just a couple of weeks, now is the perfect time to hit the shops to discover some of these items yourself and work out what might work for your child.

My top tips for choosing a lunch box for your child
  • Take your child along to help select a lunch box style they like and will want to use.
  • I suggest buying two lunch boxes so they can be rotated during the week.
  • Make sure the lunch box you choose is easy for your child to open by themselves – not only does this help your child be more independent, but your child’s teacher will love you for it!
  • Remember to allow room for an ice pack when selecting a lunch box to keep food cool and fresh throughout the day.
  • In the week before school, pack your child’s new lunch box and get them to use it throughout the day based on your school’s timetable for recess and lunch.
  • Be prepared for a bit of trial and error in selecting a lunch box – some children prefer bento style lunch boxes, while others like to use separate containers inside a lunch bag. Only time will tell as to what works best with your child and your school.

Product details

Smash snack orbs - Ever-changing Life of a MumSmash lunch bags and drink bottles are available from Coles, Big W, Officeworks and Target – products, colours and styles vary by retailer.

You can find the Nude Food Movers’ Fruity Mover in Coles, Big W, Officeworks and Target; Cracker Mover in Big W and Target; Snack and Dip container in Coles; and Snack Orbs in Coles, Big W and Target.

For more information on Smash’s back to school range, visit

*This is NOT a sponsored post, however my family did receive one of each of the products mentioned in this post from Smash for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.



17 thoughts on “Back to school 2017 with Smash + Tips for choosing the right lunch box

  1. We bought those new smash ice bricks too. They’re the perfect size. I took my daughter shopping for a new drink bottle and lunchbox for her and her sister and we spent waaayy too much at this new shop called Spencil. Holy dooley. I cringe when I see cheaper versions at KMart. They’re such an odd size too. I hope they work well for them!

  2. That snack and dip container looks just the ticket for children and grown ups! I love the idea of having two lunchboxes that can be rotated and as an ex-primary school teacher, it’s a big fat yes, to choosing a lunchbox your child can open by themselves 🙂

  3. Lunch bags are the thing I am in search of. We have heaps of Smash & Nude Food Movers stuff, but my struggle is finding an insulated bag that will actually hold the containers we have as well as the ice brick. I looked at some of the Smash insulated lunch bags and I honestly wondered if they actually tested their own Nude Food Movers inside of those bags because they do not fit both a sandwich lunchbox as well as snack boxes and the ice brick, I stood in Big W testing it out, lol! It seems they only fit one or the other, and it seems pointless to me that you wouldn’t put the snack containers in with the sandwich container. As my daughter’s snacks are almost always things that need to be kept cool it’s a pain. That’s my only complaint about the insulated lunch bags. Because we already have so many containers I just want a bag that will fit all of the containers.

    • That’s really good feedback for Smash. Of the insulated lunch bags I received, I found the unicorn design coolbox is pretty deep and can take a number of containers at once – sandwich container, snack box, fruity mover and ice brick plus possibly more. The slimline coolbox is also a littler longer and seems to take a good mix of the containers we have. The double decker coolbox might also be another option. We tend to mix up the containers with reusable snack bags which helps fit everything in. Good luck with the search!

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