Here’s to a healthy 2017

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Now I’m not one for setting new year resolutions, but I am certainly hoping for a healthier year ahead for me and my family.

We really struggled towards the finishing line as we neared the end of 2016, with last year being an absolute shocker for illnesses within my family.

In November, I attended the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch where I had the opportunity to meet some of the team from Life-space probiotics – and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. At the time, my family was recovering from several weeks of illness with three bouts of tonsillitis, one case of chicken pox and one diagnosis of pharyngitis, so I was more than keen to talk to them about ways to boost my family’s immunity. It was definitely a matter of being in the right place at the right time!

I’m not totally foreign to using probiotics, I have used them occasionally, although somewhat sporadically, in the past with my children particularly during the winter months to increase their immunity and help ward off coughs, colds and tummy upsets. Plus, to boost the good bacteria present in their little tummies following a course of antibiotics.

After discovering more about Life-space, I’ve decided that probiotics is something that needs to be taken more consistently by my family to help boost our immune systems and gastrointestinal health as I certainly don’t wish to face another year ahead like the last one! It’s time for a fresh, healthy start!

It has been really interesting to find out that probiotics can possibly make a difference with children with eczema. This is something that flares up quite frequently with Miss 7, although it’s not as severe as when she was younger, so I’m also very interested to see if probiotics will help improve this.

Each morning, in addition to my vitamins, I now take a couple of probiotic capsules after breakfast, while the children’s probiotic powder is easily added to Miss 1, Miss 7 and Miss 11’s cereal, milk, water or juice as it’s flavour free.

Family life can be hectic, so I have to say that I love the fact that Life-space probiotics don’t require refrigeration as the live bacteria is freeze dried. It nice not having to worry about leaving them out on the kitchen bench during the morning rush to get the kids off to school! It will also make them really easy to take on holidays away with us.

Of course, using probiotics isn’t the only way to improve my family’s health and wellbeing – making sure we eat well balanced meals and snacks, exercise and not over-scheduling our lives so we maintain some important ‘me’ and family time is still a high priority. This is something I’ve blogged about frequently as I continue my journey towards finding a simpler, less stressful lifestyle for me and my family.

Probiotic specialists, Life-space is an Australian owned and operated company that offers a large range of high quality probiotics based on the most recent clinical research and are suitable for all members of the family. For more information on Life-space, visit or via Facebook.

*This is not a sponsored post, however my family is being supplied with a six-month supply of Life-space probiotics. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Do you use probiotics? How do you avoid illnesses and keep your family healthy during the year?

27 thoughts on “Here’s to a healthy 2017

  1. My kids take a daily combined vitamin/probiotic and it does make a big difference. I hope you have a much better year health-wise. We’re hoping for one too – last year was a shocker with highlights including my dad’s heart attack, my broken ankle, grommets for one son and a tonsillectomy for the other!

  2. I really need to start taking a probiotic for me. I cultivate my own keffir though which I think does help. The kids take a probiotic and we just ran out today. Must get some more πŸ™‚

  3. We eat a lot of plain yoghurt and often make it ourselves so that is good. And usually only use probiotics when taking antibiotics but that hasn’t been for ages. Might just get some as a wee boost and preventative.

    • Thanks for the reminded, I’ve been thinking about making my own yoghurt at home and must look into it some more. In the past I was much the same as you and only used probiotics when one of my children was sick or had been on antibiotics, but I’m hoping if we take it more regularly it will help give our immune systems the boost needed to avoid getting sick in the first place. Fingers crossed!

  4. Thanks for reminding me about probiotics Erika. I too have a 6.5yr old with eczema flare ups and in the past used them and it worked well to keep it away and stay away from colds and guys. Must find that consistently again πŸ˜‰ #teamIBOT

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