More book reviews for different reading stages and ages

More book reviews for different reading stages and ages - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

I’m back today with a few more book reviews for children of different reading stages and ages.

I am reviewing three books covering toddlers, young children and tweens … with a little help from my three daughters.ย I hope that by offering opinions from my own children, it essentially gives other parents a really insight into what kids really think of some of the books that are available to them – these are essentially book reviews by kids for kids.

Previously on the blog, I have covered the topics of how to encourage young people to read throughout their school years, even during the school holidaysย – I learned a great deal from these guest posts by Dymocks Literacy Expert Ryan Spencer.

At my request, Dymocks also provided a list of book recommendations for different age groups in these posts and I recently received a book for each of my girls, who are aged one, seven and 11, to review.

You can also read my past book reviews for different reading stages here.

Let’s begin with emerging readers (aged under five years)…

Hello Little Babies by Alison Lester

Hello Little Babies - Alison LesterThis cute picture book celebrates the differences and similarities between six babies and the ways they play, eat, explore and sleep as they grow from babies to toddlers.

Beautiful, soft and relaxing illustrations accompany the rhyming story of this book, which is perfect for families with young children or expecting a little one of their own.

It is a particularly lovely book to read before bedtime as it ends with a goodnight farewell.

Now let’s move on to beginner readers (aged 5-7+ years)…

Weirdo7 Mega Weird! by Anh Do

Weirdo7 Mega Weird - Anh DoMiss 7 loves the Weirdo series of books. So much so, she devoured this entire book in one sitting during the last school holidays – a day well spent in my opinion!

“It was funny and I think they are good books. (In this book) they have a garage sale day and after that they go into a writing competition because they want to get some money to get Grandma Do over from Vietnam because they haven’t seen her in ages,” she said.

The books are thoroughly entertaining, with simple illustrations to maintain children’s interest in the storyline.

Miss 7 is a keen reader so this was a pretty quick read for her, and it may even be slightly easy for her reading level, but she really enjoys these books. These books are a little longer than some of the others she reads so I think it helps balance it all out.

Finally for fluent readers (aged 10-11+ years)…

The Song From Somewhere Else by A.F. Harrold

The Song From Somewhere Else - AF HarroldThere’s only one word for this book – terrific. It was definitely my favourite of the titles we were given to review. The storyline features some mild supernatural, otherworldly themes, but ultimately the book is about true friendship, resilience and rising above the dark shadows of life. I truly loved this book and I would highly recommend it for children aged 10-13, but it’s even a good read for adults.

Miss 11 was equally impressed and loved the book too:

“There’s a girl who gets bullied and a boy helps her. She goes over to his house and she hears music and tries to find out where it’s coming from and realises that there’s more to this boy than you can see,” she said.

“I really liked this book and found it interesting, sad and awesome. All these spooky things happen at the end of the book. It kept getting more interesting as you read. There are also some really good illustrations in the book.”

The illustrations she mentions are some truly fabulous, detailed black and white sketches by Levi Pinfold that feature throughout the book and really help set the dark tone of the story. My daughter was rather mesmerised by these drawings and often called me over just to show me how good they were.

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*This is not a sponsored post, however I was gifted three books from Dymocks for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. What a lovely trio of reviews. Gosh I really miss being an influence in my grandchildren’s lives this way. Nevertheless they have all had HUGE numbers of books given to them and all have been kept. From birth (and even before) all 8 received books. We have kept a few picture books faves here for our occasional visitors. But as an ESL teacher books were the tools to meet the gaps in English for many! Even the big kids loved picture books. My daughter is finishing her Masters in Teacher Librarianship this year (so hard to combine with single parenting and teaching) but she got to start her school’s library from scratch in 2015. It was full on but it’s great to see her pass on the love of books to so many. Denyse #teamIBOT

  2. Great choices, Erika. That baby book looks adorable. I’ve never thought of the Anh Do books for my daughter, but we might give them a whirl ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I always love these book reviews – great to expand our reading. Although I already have a huge Anh Do fan in the house. I love that they are crazy and well illustrated and best of all – he can read them himself!

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