Forty days of yoga

Forty days of yoga - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Twelve days ago I made myself a promise, a commitment, to practice yoga for 40 days straight – and hopefully beyond – as I build my own home yoga practice.

At the end of last term, I decided not to return to my regular yoga class. As much as I loved it and know that I need to include some regular ‘me time’, our family budget is pretty tight at the moment and the yoga class timetable doesn’t always suit my needs right now. I often feel like I’m racing against the clock and stressed out getting to class, which kind of defeats the purpose of why I go to yoga in the first place.

Instead, I made a decision to work on my own yoga practice in the comfort of my own home.

To start with, I bought a book called Forty Days of Yoga by Kara-Leah Grant after a recommendation from my yoga teacher and embarked on my own self-taught yoga journey.

The book provided a series of worksheets to help work through my thoughts and feelings about yoga and why I want to practice it, as well as what has been holding me back from consistently practising and ways to remove or work around these blocks. It helped me reveal times in my day that I can fit in yoga and reminded me that I don’t need to be on the mat for a solid hour to get the benefits from yoga.

Right now, I’m finding the best time for my yoga practice is straight after Miss 2 goes down for her afternoon nap. The house is nice and quiet and I really look forward to this time for myself. Since working through my feelings about what has been blocking my path to a consistent yoga practice, it’s amazing how my mindset has changed so quickly and I’m already making it more of a priority in my life.

Before working through this process, I always felt I needed to tackle my long to do list first only to get frustrated for then not having the time to fit in any yoga. Now I have moved yoga to a higher spot on the list so I am motivated to get more done in the morning before my daughter’s nap knowing that I want to fit in my yoga time. Then once I have finished my practice, I tend to feel fresher and more motivated to continue on with the rest of my day.

But you always need a back-up plan (because I know if I miss a day that my 40 day countdown resets to zero and I have to start all over again), so if for any reason I can’t complete my yoga practice in the afternoon (like yesterday when I had a crazy day and felt like I was constantly chasing my own tail), then I roll out the mat after Miss 2 goes to sleep at night to ease into the end of my day.

On day one I started with a short 10 minute practice using one of my favourite online yoga channels – Yoga With Adriene. I have dabbled on and off in establishing a home yoga practice in the past, but never as consistently as this … and never for 11 (let alone 40!)) days straight.

I have continued to use one of these videos each day to get me started as I still feel the need to be guided in some way through my home practice. The great thing is that there are so many videos to choose from that there’s always something to suit my mood on any particular day.

Usually I have been sticking to videos about 20-25 minutes in length, then adding on a short guided meditation (right now I enjoy using the Insight Timer app, but there are many other options out there) or perhaps changing or adding on a few more yoga postures that I feel my body needs on any given day and I’m already familiar with from yoga class.

I find as my confidence grows I am doing more of this and I hope one day I’ll be able to lead myself through my own yoga practice from start to finish.

Day 12 today … so far so good! Wish me luck for the next 28 days ahead. Namaste x

Do you love yoga? Ever taken part in a yoga challenge? Wish to join me?

18 thoughts on “Forty days of yoga

  1. Good on you, 12 days and counting is a great achievement, I know you will nail the 40 days! I love Yoga too but just go to a class once a week. I have tried doing it at home too but always seem to end up with one of the kids climbing on me 🙁

  2. Well done for getting through 12 days. I started a challenge earlier this year but only got through 2 days and fell straight off the wagon when I was really busy. Might be a good idea to start again today! Thanx

    • Thanks so much. I have also tried other challenges in the past, but after about a week I gave up. These tended to have set videos each day, but if I wasn’t in the mood for a particular style or pace or didn’t have the time then I just stopped and never returned to the challenge. This time, I get to choose how I practise each day and it really seems to be working … Day 15 today!

  3. Oh I do wish you well. To make the decision to do something healthy and healing for you over anything else is wonderful. I am the same with my daily Headspace meditation. Go you! I am sure nothing will stop you from reaching your 40…and then more. Denyse x

  4. This is amazing! Good on you!!! I’m sure you will make it to 40 days. It will be so good for you. I might check out some of your links and have a go at one or two sessions here and there myself.

  5. I like Caroline Williams’ yoga videos – she includes Bible reflections in the sessions so that works well for me. I’m pretty infrequent but I do feel so much more relaxed when I do it. I like that I can just fit in 10 or 20 minutes when I’ve got time, and I love that I can do it at home.

    • So glad to hear you have found some yoga videos that work well for you. We’re really lucky to have these videos so easily available. I love that this challenge doesn’t ask any more than for me to show up on my mat each day no matter for how long (or short) a time so I can fit it in with family life, my time or even my mood on a particular day.

  6. This is so impressive! I’m always on the look out for good workout videos, I am into Blogilates at the moment, but think I need to incorporate some more yoga as well. Particularly short practices, as I find I stick to them more if they aren’t too long.

    • Thanks Jess. My practice length varies every day, sometimes only 7 minutes other times it can be 30 minutes. I just do what feels best for me on any given day, I think that has been the best thing. Plus if you add it all up, it ends up meaning I spend more time on my yoga mat over the course of a week than if I had attended my usual weekly yoga class.

  7. Good on you, I bet you’re going to feel amazing at the end of the 40 days. I’ve never really gotten into yoga although I really want to – going to a yoga class is on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I love how you’re making yourself and your practice a priority, go you!

  8. I love that you’re making an at home yoga practice work! I really struggle with it myself, and always feel like I need a teacher to guide me. But like you, yoga classes don’t always fit my schedule, and sometimes they can be so expensive.

    I’ll definitely be looking into Yoga With Adrienne. I’ve heard so many good things about her videos. Also, I’m a HUGE fan of the Insight Timer app. I like to start my day with a 5 minute meditation, and end my day with a 10 minute one.

    Good luck on hitting 40 days! You’re inspiring me to get my yoga practice in gear.

    • Like you, I also feel like I need someone to guide me which is why I am using a yoga video each time I start on the mat. But I am starting to improvise some more and change the routine, particularly if I feel like my body needs something on a particular day. Good on you for sticking to your meditation, that’s so fantastic, and good luck with starting your own home yoga practice 🙂

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