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Living Loving Making Baking Looking ahead - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

I’ve kind of been freaking myself out over the past week by thinking about all of the things that lay ahead for the year and I need to plan (and pay!) for.

Now that my children’s birthdays are over for the year (Miss 8 celebrated her birthday on the weekend!), I have been looking ahead to the many other things that will need to be organised.

It’s kind of scary but by mapping it all out I hope to spread out the costs and make the whole process a lot simpler and less stressful.

The biggest thing is Miss 12 starting high school next year. It means a whole new uniform, books and stationery, iPad and mobile phone, as she’ll be walking at least part way home.

And, while I really don’t want to say it, Christmas is only a little over four months away! I also hope to manage the costs by buying a few gifts each month so by the time December rolls around it’s all pretty much taken care of. As I said above, simpler and less stressful is my motto.

Let’s hope it all goes to plan. Wish me luck!

Today I’m continuing my new blog series – Living Loving Making Baking. I hope to prepare a monthly post (sorry I missed July but I’m back this month!) giving an update on what I have been up to lately, things I’m loving, what I’m currently reading or watching, sewing and crochet projects, yummy baking recipes I have come across and so on.

So here’s what has been happening…

Loving – I’ve been enjoying taking Miss 2 to toddler story time sessions at our local library. Actually I’m loving the whole library space which has recently been moved and upgraded, plus there’s a cafe on site. Bonus! I’ve only been a couple of times with Miss 2 and she loves it and often asks when she’s going to “Books and songs” again. It’s so sweet to see her get excited and interact with the other kids.

Watching – Yes! Game of Thrones is back! I’m also looking forward to the return of the 13th season of Supernatural in October, so much so that I have pulled out the DVD of season 1 and have been watching an episode or two every few nights so I can get my fix! The trailer for the second season of Stranger Things also looks pretty good.

Reading Aug 17 - Ever-changing Life of a MumReading – It’s very unusual for me but I haven’t been reading anything these past few weeks. We have had a lot going on and I just haven’t had the time and it really has felt like a part of me has been missing. But last week, I picked up several books I had on hold at the library, including Destination Simple: Everyday rituals for a slower life by Brooke McAlary and The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo as well as a children’s book on anxiety, Hey Warrior by Karen Young. I devoured the first one in less than a day!

Listening – I’ve been catching up on a few of my favourite podcasts including ‘Slow Your Home’ and ‘Happy Mama Movement’. I also listened to a really fascinating podcast with psychic Debbie Malone on the ‘No Filter with Mia Freedman’ podcast. I’m now keen to read her book so have added it to my hold list at the library!

Tim Tam hedgehog slice - Ever-changing Life of a MumBaking – I also haven’t been baking much lately either … I know, what is wrong with me?! I did make a batch of Create Bake Make’s delicious Tim Tam hedgehog slice for morning tea with a friend a couple of weeks ago. And Miss 12 has been making the yummiest chocolate chip cookies using a new favourite recipe she discovered by Donna Hay. They are so good!

Making – I’ve really been enjoying making my own cards for special occasions lately. I picked up a few supplies from Kmart, Officeworks and the like some time ago – cardstock, pop tape, ribbon, stamps, stickers – and it’s great to be able to pull out this box of goodies and make a quick card for a friend or family member’s birthday as needed. I keep them pretty simple right now and I can’t say any of them have been original creations – thank goodness for Pinterest I say for giving me some inspiration and ideas!

Also, still no movement on the crochet … I have plans (and yarn) for a granny stripe throw blanket for my couch but that’s as far as it has got. I’d also like to crochet myself a navy blue scarf, which I know won’t take very long once I get started but I just never seem to actually get started.

Discovering – I came across this quote the other day: “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things”. If you have read my post from last week about the loss of a dear friend, it has reminded me to treasure those most precious in my life and embrace every moment, no matter how small.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead xx

What are you loving at the moment? Or do you have a child starting high school next year and have any tips for me?

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8 thoughts on “Living loving making baking | Looking ahead

  1. Oh I used to love making cards! Something I haven’t done for ages now. I must admit I got a bit of a shock last night when I realised how close Christmas is!!

  2. Those cards are gorgeous. You are too clever. Thanks for the reminder about create bake make’s slice. I might make that this weekend. Gosh, a big high school girl next year!!! You must have so much to think about it. I’m feeling grateful we’re a few years off this 🙂

  3. I really like your handmade cards! I like to do the same, it’s a rare opportunity to get my craft on. A couple of years ago I participated in Frocktober and made a thank you card for each of the wonderful people who sponsored me as I raised funds for ovarian cancer research. Making the cards was as much fun as wearing a frock a day!

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