Moving to a big bed, dropping nap time and leaving behind the baby years

Moving to a big bed - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

A few weekends ago something big happened. I lost my baby girl.

Well, ok, I didn’t exactly lose her but in the space of a day she grew up amazingly fast.

It all happened so quickly. One Sunday morning, I casually mentioned to my husband that it might be time to think about moving Miss 2 to a big bed. She was no longer sleeping as well or for as long in her cot. She was resisting naps and waking earlier and earlier in the mornings.

When my husband said he would go out and pick one up for me that day, I took advantage of the offer while it lasted, did a quick search online, found the bed I was after in stock (winning!) and by later that afternoon the cot was dismantled and sitting out in the garage and my baby girl was ready to sleep in her very own big bed that night.

What? How did this happen? Where have those years gone?

Never again was I to slide up the side of that cot. Never again would I need those small cot sheets and blankets, which have since been washed, bagged up and taken to the op shop.

Oh, to see her sitting on that big bed, excitedly rolling around in her covers. I’m sure she was thinking how glorious it is to be just like her big sisters right now, who she looks up to and constantly tries to follow and imitate.

I wiped away a small tear as I knew that this was it, the baby years were officially over and my little girl was growing up.

Miss 2 has taken to her bed like a duck to water. We really didn’t make much of a big deal about it or overthink the situation. It just happened.

Now she’s sleeping longer and better at night … but there has been one downside – she’s decided that she no longer needs her daytime afternoon nap.


I’m really noticing it too. I’ve lost my time to quickly get a few things done around the house on my own, roll out my yoga mat (I’m re-looking at my notes from my 40 days of yoga to work my way through the new barriers I now face and the available time I have) or work on my blog.

I know I’ll adjust, because that is part of what parenting is all about. Change, adjustment, challenges, resilience.

For now, I am encouraging quiet time after lunch. Usually it’s a pillow and blanket on the couch with a quiet movie. Every few days she seems to need a nap and falls asleep for an hour or so, other days she seems quite happy to go without.

Her bed time at night has shifted forward by about half an hour if she doesn’t nap, she even asks to go to bed some days. But so far that’s all working well and she seems to be falling asleep without too much fuss. Phew.

Let’s hope it all continues … unfortunately I am far too experienced with children who don’t like the idea of sleep and I really don’t wish to return to the days of sleepless nights.

Fingers crossed I’m on a winner and I’ll continue savouring a good night of sleep while I have it.


8 thoughts on “Moving to a big bed, dropping nap time and leaving behind the baby years

  1. Oh, I remember getting rid of all the baby stuff. I cried and cried. When my last baby went to primary school, I cried and cried. When all you have known for such a long period goes, it is sad but better things await too. #teamIBOT

    • Oh it was terribly hard going through all of Miss 2’s baby clothes. I kept quite a number of keepsakes, some of which all three of my girls had worn. With two older girls, I know there are plenty of exciting times and milestones ahead, I still wish that they just didn’t grow so fast.

  2. Wow, so glad she has taken to it so well. How old is she? Our taught has just turned two and we’ve been thinking about getting her a bed, but we’re worried she’ll never stay in it! Good luck for life without naps, I’m trying to keep my two year old napping for as long as possible!

    • She turned 2 in March and continues to sleep well in her new bed – she doesn’t try to get out (yet!), just calls out when she wants something. I’m still learning to adapt to life without Miss 2’s daytime nap, for the moment I continue to encourage quiet time after lunch.

  3. I think they really tell us when they’re ready! When the Little Mister ended his day time naps, I was a bit sad but turned out he still really needed his time to himself in the middle of the day so I would put him in bed and he would literally just roll around for an hour or so, hugging his sleepy toys (I’d watch him on the monitor – creepy of me but it was nice haha). It helped both of us!

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