Hello mummy guilt

Hello mummy guilt - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Lately I have been suffering from a little bit of mummy guilt.

Mainly it’s about whether I am doing enough for Miss 2’s socialisation.

I never worried about this with my older girls. When I worked they attended day care at least a few days a week. Add on the swimming, dancing or kinder gym lessons and our week was full and their interaction with other children well and truly met.

Miss 2 on the other hand is being raised in a very different situation. I no longer work so she is at home with me every day of the week. She adores her older sisters and learns a great deal from them (both the good and the bad), but I worry that she doesn’t spend enough time with children her own age. When she sees someone her own size she seems so fascinated by them.

She won’t start sessional kinder until 2019 … even though she turns 3 in March which is before the enrolment cut off and could start next year, I’ve weighed up and pro and cons and decided to wait until the following year.

I know her spending time at home with me offers so many great benefits – for both of us – and I feel so grateful to be able to spend so much time with my little girl, however I often wonder if she needs to spend more time with children her own age.

Hello mummy guilt.

She’s also not at swimming lessons or any other activities yet, unlike her older sisters were at her age. I have to be honest and say that partly this is because it all gets so very expensive, especially as we are living on one income right now. However, I know water safety and learning to swim is very important so it’s something we will definitely begin next year.

There’s mummy guilt again, hi.

For now, I have started to take her to story time sessions once a week at our local library which she absolutely loves and I’m planning to check out a local playgroup next term … although I first inquired about this playgroup towards the end of last term and it’s now September and I still haven’t gone! I’m not sure if playgroup is really my ‘thing’ but I know I need to give it a try for my little girl as I’m sure she will adore it.

Is that you again mummy guilt?

I’m definitely overthinking everything and second guessing myself every step of the way right now and know I need to stop. Maybe it’s because everything seems so different this time round, almost like I’m parenting for the first time again.

For now, I’ll keep doing the best I can with what I have to give each day. I know there are now right or wrongs in this situation and hopefully one day I’ll learn to say: Goodbye mummy guilt.

Have you said ‘hello’ to mummy guilt lately? Do you think it’s possible to say goodbye to mummy guilt? What activities do you do with your little ones?

6 thoughts on “Hello mummy guilt

  1. Yep – stop the overthinking. I promise you that playgroup and library story time are perfect and enough. I know this because that’s all my kids had. I was a SAHM until my youngest was 8, and we went through some years with no income just before that. There were no swimming lessons – my kids can all swim because we spent summer in beaches and pools. They are normal, vibrant, engaging young adults, because we had a wide circle of friends and family around us. You are doing great and you are doing plenty. Your daughter will have a different experience than some (not all!!) children, and that is totally OK.

  2. I’m glad that you have decided to stop overthinking and just live in the moment, it can be a hard thing to do sometimes! I don’t tend to do the whole ‘mummy guilt thing’ if I did, my gosh what a spiral it would be. Instead, I try to celebrate the wins and set little goals for myself (like you taking your girl to the library for story time).

  3. Ugh, don’t you hate it? I think parenting young ones in the age of social media makes it ever harder. From my view, you are doing an AWESOME job and Miss 2 is happy and healthy = winning 🙂 I still feel Mummy guilt and mine are 12 and 15! Hope you find a balance that feels ok for you both 🙂

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