An interview with my children 2017

An interview with my children 2017 - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Ah, the school holidays are here again and yesterday was such a cold, rainy day that it seemed the perfect time to sit down with my girls for my annual ‘An interview with my children’.

This is the third instalment of this series in which I ask my girls the same series of questions each year, usually during the September school holidays.

This year was extra fun as Miss 2 joined in, providing us with some rather humorous answers. We had so much fun and laughed a great deal during this interview, particularly with Miss 2’s responses. I also love seeing how my older girls answers are changing (or in some cases not changing) over the years.

Keep on reading for the 2017 edition of my interview with Miss 2, Miss 8 and Miss 12.

What is your favourite colour?
Miss 2: Pink
Miss 8: Orange
Miss 12: Aqua

What is your favourite food?
Miss 2: Berries
Miss 8: Raspberry tarts with whipped cream
Miss 12: Strawberries

What is your favourite movie?
Miss 2: Frozen and Shrek
Miss 8: Trolls
Miss 12: I’m not sure, I don’t really have one

Who is your favourite singer or band?
Miss 2: Trolls (Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling)
Miss 8: Taylor Swift
Miss 12: Taylor Swift

What is your favourite book?
Miss 2: Where is the Green Sheep?
Miss 8: The Treehouse series
Miss 12: The Hunger Games

What is your favourite animal?
Miss 2: Meow meow (cats)
Miss 8: Giraffe
Miss 12: Dolphins, I want to swim with them one day

What is your favourite subject at school?
Miss 2: n/a
Miss 8: Art and music
Miss 12: Art and music

What is your favourite thing to do with your sisters?
Miss 2: Boos (playing with her Beanie Boo collection)
Miss 8: I like playing basketball with Miss 12 and I like playing Beanie Boos with Miss 2.
Miss 12: I like playing outside in the backyard.

Where is your favourite place to go?
Miss 2: In the blue car (my car)
Miss 8: Queensland
Miss 12: Queensland

If you could choose anywhere to go on holiday where would like to go?
Miss 2: Moo Moo’s (Oma)
Miss 8: Disneyland and America
Miss 12: Disneyland and America

What is your favourite thing to do with mummy?
Miss 2: Huggies (hugs)
Miss 8: Kisses
Miss 12: Shopping

What is your favourite thing to do with daddy?
Miss 2: Hugging Dada
Miss 8: Go to Timezone
Miss 12: Go to Timezone

Give three words to describe mummy
Miss 2: Mumma hugs
Miss 8: Lovable, kind and funny
Miss 12: Kind, caring and funny

Give three words to describe daddy
Miss 2: Dada hugs
Miss 8: Kind, lovable, silly
Miss 12: Kind, caring, helpful

What are some of your strengths or what are you good at?
Miss 2: Hugs
Miss 8: Karate and singing
Miss 12: Dancing and cooking

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Miss 2: Read
Miss 8: A singer or a music teacher
Miss 12: Dancer, kindergarten teacher or photographer

What makes you happy?
Miss 2: Me happy
Miss 8: Having fun with my sisters, having fun with my family
Miss 12: Shopping, dancing, having fun with my friends and family

What makes you nervous?
Miss 2: No (shakes her head)
Miss 8: School concert
Miss 12: Going on roller coasters with loops

What would be a perfect day for you?
Miss 2: Going to Moo Moo’s (Oma)
Miss 8: Going to the Melbourne Show
Miss 12: Dancing all day, shopping and spending time with my family

What’s your favourite memory?
Miss 2: (shakes her head)
Miss 8: Having fun with Opy (Opa)
Miss 12: Making my first friend at primary school, I remember it like it was  yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed the 2017 edition of ‘An interview with my children’. You can read past editions of these interviews here for 2016  and here for 2015.

Do you like to interview or record moments in time with your children in any special way?

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  1. How lovely to collect these answers every year! I do a similar thing but they’re questions about how the kids view their mum and dad. I might have to start doing this, too!

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