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LLMB school holiday slow down - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

We’re half way through the school holidays here and loving it!

I love the opportunities that the school holidays bring – a much needed break from routine, slow mornings, activities of our choosing (or not).

Yes, the kids bicker and argue sometimes but luckily the fun times outweigh these moments and overall I love the chance to spend some quality time with my girls.

For many years while I was working, I dreaded the approach of school holidays as I worried and wondered who I could get to look after them or what school holiday programs I could enrol them in (and actually be happy to attend).

I try to mix it up a bit by allowing the girls to choose a couple of outings each week, mixed with some much needed days at home. You can also take a look at a previous post for some simple, low cost school holiday activities if you’re in need of some ideas.

So far these school holidays we have had a girls days out shopping and been to the Royal Melbourne Show, which was an extra special treat as it’s a rather expensive outing but we haven’t been in years so thought we’d treat ourselves to a fun family day out. This week, we will head to the pools and each of my older girls have a planned catch up with one of their friends.

On Sunday, we spent the morning at the park with friends followed by the entire afternoon in the backyard doing some work in the garden, playing basketball, taking a dip in the spa which we have just refilled again, scooter races and more. We ended the evening with some yummy fish and chips and relaxing on the couch watching some television. It was a busy day, yet it still felt ‘slow’, and I have to say that we all slept well that night!

Today I’m continuing my series Living Loving Making Baking – a monthly update on what I have been up to lately, things I’m loving, what I’m currently reading or watching, crafty projects, recipes I have tried and so on.

Here’s what’s been happening my way lately…

Radishes vegetable garden - Ever-changing Life of a MumLoving – Setting up my little vegetable patch in the backyard again. I didn’t plant anything over winter, but now that spring has arrived and the weather is getting a little warmer I thought I’d get things going again. I’d love something bigger but simply don’t have the space for it, so for now I use a couple of large pots. So far I have planted strawberries, radishes, green beans and cucumber seeds and will add a couple of cherry tomato plants later this month. It’s been just over a week and the radishes have already started to sprout, which was very exciting to see when I went out to water them yesterday morning.

WatchingThe Hunger Games, again. Miss 12 has just finished the first book so as she completed each on in the series we’re sitting down and watching each of the movies. It’s quite interesting to hear her thoughts on how the movie has captured the book.

Reading – I’m not reading anything at the moment … and I honestly feel a little lost. I’m trying to be thrifty and have placed a few holds on books at the library, but I’m still waiting for them to come through. These include First, We Make the Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson, Slow by Brooke McAlary and The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright.

Baking – I’ve got some ripe bananas sitting on my bench ready to be turned into a yummy banana cake, hopefully today. I’ll probably use my favourite bundt cake tin, because even the simplest of recipes tastes better as a bundt cake!

Making – I turned some of that cotton bamboo yarn into a crocheted kitchen cleaning cloth. I’ve only made one so far. It seems to wash quite well, but not sure if it’s as absorbent as the micro fibre cloths I’m used to cleaning with. It seems better after being washed, so I’ll see how it goes before I make any more.

Listening – I’ve been updating my podcast list as I realised I had a lot that I just didn’t get around to. My favourites are still The Slow Home Podcast and The Happy Mama Movement. On occasion, I also enjoy listening to The Minimalists, Good Life Project, No Filter, This Glorious Mess and Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families podcasts. The other day I came across The Mindful Creative which sounds quite interesting. I haven’t had a chance to listen to any episodes yet but look forward to doing so soon.

Discovering – A new chapter in our family’s life unfolds as Miss 12 heads into her last term of primary school. I can’t believe she starts high school next year – it’s both exciting and just a little but scary at the same time. It doesn’t quite feel real yet, but with a couple of orientation days coming up this term I think it will begin to!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!

How have you been enjoying your school holidays? Do you have any podcast recommendations, particularly in relation to parenting, well being or slow living? Read any great books lately?

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8 thoughts on “Living loving making baking | School holiday slow down

  1. I absolutely love pottering in my veggie garden. I’ve been looking for some new podcasts, will check out those you mentioned.

    • It’s very relaxing and also satisfying when those seeds start to grow! Hope you like the podcasts … I look forward to finding some time to catch up on these podcasts once the school holidays are over. I enjoy having them on while I tackle chores around the house.

  2. My girls aren’t in school yet so school holidays are business as usual for us, but I love that there’s extra activities on at shopping centres etc that we can join in on too. I can’t believe your oldest girl is 12 already! #teamIBOT

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