On turning 40

On turning 40 - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

Happy birthday to me! This year marks a special occasion as I turn 40.

Now I’m not quite sure why 40 is made out to be so important. To me it is just another number, however everyone seems to be making a big deal about its significance so it’s got me thinking what it all actually means.

Is it because it’s meant to mark some sort of mid-way point in life? Because I sure hope to live longer than 80, if I have any say in the matter!

I realise I have come a long way over the past 40 years, I’ve achieved a lot and learnt even more along the way. But I think it has only been more recently that I have made the most life changing, most important decisions of my life so far. The moment I made the decision to slow down and step away from the frantic unsustainable life I was living. To leave the ‘busy-ness’, expectations and and things I ‘should’ be doing behind.

That was a few years ago now, but I’m going to use this birthday to continue this journey and make a few more important decisions in my life.

Now this next one isn’t life changing,  but I realised recently that I don’t think I have ever used the bath in our house  – that’s in 10 years! Night after night I have washed the kids in the bath, but I have never actually used it myself as it always seemed quicker and easier to jump in the shower instead. So I’ve made a decision to take a bit of ‘me time’ and enjoy a relaxing bath once a month.

My gorgeous family must have listened as I received a packet of bath fizzers as part of my birthday present yesterday!

Other things I plan and look forward to doing more of in the years to come are:

  • Slow down and cherish time spent with my husband and three beautiful girls, making family memories and creating traditions, because they are growing up way too fast.
  • Surround myself with positive people, friends and family and let go of the toxic ones, if I haven’t already.
  • Put myself and my family first by saying ‘no’ and not feeling guilty about it afterwards.
  • Spend more time filling my own cup and doing more that fuels me.
  • Worry less, stick to my gut feelings about the decisions I make and not care so much about what other people may think.
  • Spend more time writing and creating.
  • Stay healthy in the mind and body.
  • Spend less but live more.
  • Travel – my ultimate trip would be visit Disneyland and New York at Christmas time.

Some of these things I have already made a start on, but there’s still a long way to go … in fact I realise now that it will probably always be a work in progress.

So happy 40th birthday to me! Here’s to many more great years ahead full of good times and great memories … now I’m off to run myself a bath!


14 thoughts on “On turning 40

  1. Oh so much there to love in how you are going to mark the occasion of turning 40! And the bath..yes, have a bath..every.single.night! I missed having a bath in our first rental place and this one has one..and the first thing I wanted to do once I could get my leg wounds wet was have a bath!! I recall turning 40 and thinking it was the ‘end of being young’. No, but it did mean getting my first pair of glasses!! Turns out we have to bow to the inevitability of age. At 67 about to be 68 I go….eeek I am nearly 70 then I think about the people who may not have made it to that age and I am grateful. Happy Birthday Kylie!! Denyse #teamIBOT

  2. OMG! Erikaaaaaaaaaa! I didn’t know it was your birthday and I didn’t know you were 40! Happy birthday my dear. Here’s hoping your family gives you plenty of me time. You deserve it.

  3. Happy 40th! I love your list of things to do/do more of. I’m on a mission to streamline my life to remove a bunch of ‘business’ that crept back in. This is a perfect reminder why that’s important. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed that bath! 🙂

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