The mixed emotions of starting high school

I see my daughter sitting on the lounge room couch, hair pulled up into a high ponytail, smartphone in hand and suddenly my breath catches in my chest.

How have the years gone by so fast? How could you, my first born, my baby girl, be ready to take those steps through the high school gates? How can I be ready?

It only felt like yesterday that I was walking you through the doors of your classroom for your first day at primary school. Suddenly you seem so grown up, but yet still so young.

Although I know it’s time. Time to let some of the tethers go and let you explore this world a little more on your own … just a little.

And I know you’re ready. Every day you surprise me with your capabilities. Your thirst for knowledge is so strong and your initiative grows every day, as does the number of questions you ask.

So as you walk through those school gates for the very first time, I hope you know that I’m always there for you, every step of the way. I’m here to guide you when you need it, to download at the end of the day, reach out for a hug just because you feel like one, to ask important questions when they pop into your mind.

The steps you are taking now are just as big for me as they are for you and I’m here for you. Always. As my eldest, your firsts as also my firsts as a parent. So we’ll walk these unknown paths together and work it out along the way.

Sure, there will be times when we may take a wrong turn or ever hit a pothole but life is like that and from these moments we become stronger, we learn, we move on and most importantly we keep on moving.

One day you’ll take the driver’s seat on your own but I know with the time we spend together now that you’ll be ready for it.

For now, let’s enjoy these first steps and see where they lead.

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8 thoughts on “The mixed emotions of starting high school

  1. It’s such an exciting time and a scary time all wrapped into one. We protect our kids so much – in fact often we over protect them. But the only way they can learn how to handle the ‘real’ world, is to actually live it. While they are in the protection of your home – learning how to deal with all types of emotions, projects, friendships are such important life skills to have. Keep up the amazing work mumma!!!

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