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LLMB Settling in February 18 - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

School is back and February is here. I feel like my year can finally begin!

I often don’t feel like I can get really stuck into the new year until my children have returned to school.

This year it has taken even a little longer, with my eldest starting high school meaning an extended settling in period as we all get used to new schedules and processes – high school certainly is a whole new world!

But even with Miss 2 at home with me, I have been knocking so many things off my ‘to do’ list over the past two weeks and it feels pretty good!

Yesterday, I printed and laminated a timetable of my children’s activities, which lists specialist subjects they have each day and may need to bring items along to school for, like sports gear or library bags, as well as any after school activities. It lives on the door of our fridge and really helps us to keep on track, particularly in the mornings when we’re packing bags and getting ready for school.

If you’re interested in ways to stay organised during the school year, check out the blog post I put together last year covering how I try to stay on top of things – click here to find out more.

Today I’m continuing my series ‘Living Loving Making Baking’. If it’s your first time reading one of my LLMB posts, it’s a place where I give a monthly update on what I have been up to lately – things I’m loving, what I’m currently reading or watching, sewing and crochet projects, yummy baking recipes I have come across and so on.

 So, here’s what’s happening in my world right now:

Loving – I’m so glad I made the change to a day to a page planner as I have so much more room to write down everything that I need to get done. I tend to use my planner not only to list events but also as a place to write down my daily ‘to do’ list, so my week to a page planner just didn’t cut it last year and I was always running out of space. I went for a Typo A5 daily planner this year as it was affordable and had all the features I need and I’m loving it so far!

Discovering – With my eldest now at high school, there has certainly been a big change to family life with two school drop offs/pick ups to coordinate along with discovering and understanding a whole set of new school processes. But I think we’re all settling in pretty well. Phew!

Watching – Over the summer I caught up on the second season of Stranger Things, but Riverdale has to be my favourite show at the moment. I’m also glad that Supernatural has returned to Australian TV, I don’t think we have caught up to the US just yet but at least it’s here!

Reading – I’ve just started Shift by Hugh Howey after loving the first book, Wool, in this trilogy. The second book already has me hooked and I’m only a couple of chapters in. I even have the third book waiting on my bookshelf at home when I came across it at the bookshop the other day and had a gift voucher that needed to be used. So I’m all set for a little while!

Listening – I listened to my first podcast for the year yesterday and boy was it a good one, I almost cried! The Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz has been one of my favourite podcasts for some time now and her latest episode with author and parenting expert Justin Coulston is a seriously good listen. Next on the list is the first episode of the Slow Your Home podcast for 2018, which is another one of my favourites.

Making – I’ve re-introduced ‘Fakeaway Friday’ in our house to help save some money as takeaway can get seriously expensive. Last week, we had pizza and it was so yummy  – cheesy garlic pizza has become one of my favourites and it’s so easy to make too. This week we’ll be having homemade hamburgers and fries – if you enjoy a Big Mac and haven’t tried Coles’ Special Burger sauce then make sure you do because it sure tastes like the real deal!

Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead xx

How has the return to school gone for you and your family? Any tips for staying on top of things? Do you have ‘Fakeaway Friday’ in your house or any suggestions on what to serve up next?

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    • It is a LOT quieter around the house that’s for sure and it’s been nice to be able to get a few things done that I kept putting off over the school holidays. That being said, by the time the afternoon rolls round, I really look forward to picking them up from school and hearing all about their days.

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