About me

Hi I’m Erika, a proud red-head and mum to three beautiful girls who recently decided to make a massive lifestyle change by resigning from my full-time job to spend more time with my family.

It was a major decision for me, and my family, but the best decision I have ever made and I’m loving it! Even my crazy chocolate Labrador and smoochy black cat are enjoying the change!

I love to read, have developed a passion for yoga and re-discovered the joy of baking, particularly if it involves Nutella!

I believe that family comes first and while everyone has their own parenting style I think it’s just about being the best mum you can in your own particular circumstances. I have always been a positive thinker, self-starter and don’t tend or to dwell on the past or take anything too personally.

Ever-changing: Adjective. Marked by continuous change or effective action.

I went live with the Ever-changing Life of a Mum blog in November 2014, following several months of work behind the scenes.

I have always loved being a working mum, having previously held quite high pressured positions as a communications officer and media advisor within local government. To keep the creative writing juices flowing, I decided to set up this blog. I also have plans to build up a freelance writing and editing business, but my family comes first so I hope to fit this around my new lifestyle.

I hope this blog provides some support and inspiration to other mums also considering becoming a stay at home mum, particularly those who may have returned to work for some time, like me, and now have school-aged children.

You can read more about my decision to do so here.

As our children grow, I feel that the role of being a mum, or parent, is always changing from one period of time to the next. As we assume different roles, tasks and responsibilities at different stages of our children’s lives, we are continuously evolving, adapting and learning from whatever circumstances are thrown our way.

I have come to realise that parenting is an ever-changing journey. These travels lead us down many constantly evolving paths that twist and wind as we reach different stages of our lives.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you my personal and parenting journey as I experience life with a renewed set of expectations. I hope to connect with many other parents and hopefully we can learn from each other along the way.

Thank you.