Review: Organix baby food + Tips for starting finger foods

Review Organix baby food - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

In conjunction with Organix

Starting your baby on solids can bring with it a whole lot of questions – when to start, what to feed, how much.

Even after having my third baby I had the same questions and I had to resort looking back through past baby food recipe books for some answers.

In the end, after successful attempts with some baby rice cereal and some homemade fruit and vegetable purees around six months of age, I kind of fell into baby led weaning with Miss 1. At the time, I didn’t really know this was even an actual ‘thing’. It was something I just started to do because in the craziness of a school morning it was easier for bubs to snack on some finger foods rather than be spoon fed. She would quite happily sit in her highchair and suck on a toast finger or some pieces of fruit while I made school lunches and got breakfast ready for the rest of the family.

While I generally like to make a lot of my girl’s snacks, it’s still really helpful to have some pre-made options ready to go in the fridge or pantry for when time is short or you need to leave the house in a hurry.

Miss 1 and I were recently given the opportunity to give some Organix baby food a try, including their fruit pots and baby biscuits.

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Review: Putting Sinchies reusable pouches to the test with my family

Review Sinchies - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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With three children who seem to be growing up very quickly, it feels like I’m constantly in the kitchen creating the next meal or snack to fuel their little bodies.

Did I mention they are growing? Like really, really fast! It seems like I have only just fed them when the next cry of “Mum, I’m hungry!” comes from one of their mouths.

I recently had the opportunity to put a fantastic assortment of reusable pouches to the test thanks to Sinchies.

I was so excited to receive the package in the mail and get started on trying out these reusable pouches with my family.

I kindly received the Sinchies Big Kids lunchbox pack (consisting of 5 x 140ml pouches, 5 x 200ml pouches, 5 x sandwich bags, 5 x snack bags and 2 x wrap bags) – pretty much everything I could possibly need to fill my school children’s lunch boxes – as well as a pack of 10 Sinchies Pops (reusable iceblock pouches) and some Sip’n silicone lids for my toddler. Sinchies even provided me with a very handy cleaning brush!

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Sebamed skincare and baby product review + GIVEAWAY

Sebamed review and giveaway - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

In conjunction with Sebamed

As a mum of three children finding time to maintain a decent skincare regime can be tricky and sometimes non-existent!

While I usually moisturise and cleanse my face every day, the rest of my body tends to be left to fend for itself, until I realise how dry my hands are and I suddenly pull out the moisturisers sitting on the bathroom shelf.

Recently, I was contacted by Sebamed to try out a range of their skincare and baby products. I thought it was a good chance to improve my skin condition while also trying out some skin products geared towards sensitive skin given that I have a recently turned one-year-old as well as a daughters with sensitive skin, including eczema. I also develop rosacea on the face from time to time, so I’m quite careful about which skin products I choose for me and my family.

**One of my lucky readers will also get the chance to try out the Sebamed range for themselves with a special mum and baby pack up for grabs – keep reading for more details!**

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