Six things I have learned from my children

Six things I have learned from my childrenAs a parent, loving, protecting and teaching my children everything they need to know so they grow up to be happy, confident individuals is one of – if not the – most important roles in my life.

But after having three children I’m amazed at how much I have learned, and continue to learn, from them.

I am especially recognising this since having my third baby just four months ago. I have taken the time and made a conscious decision to really slow down and enjoy this period of time because, as cliché as it sounds, it really does go by ever so fast.

Children really help put life into perspective. It’s funny how someone so small can teach you so much.

Here are a few things I have learned from my three children.

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On having three girls

On having three girls - Ever-changing Life of a MumGirl or boy? Throughout this pregnancy, I have been constantly asked if we know whether we’re having a girl or a boy.

We already have two beautiful girls – Miss 9 and Miss 5 – who are very excited to welcome another little sister to the family later this month.

Yes, that’s right, we are having another girl (so long as the scans are right!). So that will make three girls. Three girls who have their own futures ahead of them and in this day and age can be anything they want to be regardless of their gender.

Which is why the reaction to having three girls really perplexes me.

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