Preparing your pet for the arrival of a new baby

Preparing your pet for the arrival of a new baby - Ever-changing Life of a Mum - Ever-changing Life of a Mum

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Many families begin well before the arrival of any children, with the adoption of a cat or dog.

My husband and I were the proud parents of a gorgeous, loving Labrador called George for several years before having the first of our three girls.

But when the time does eventually come, it’s important to prepare your fur child for the arrival of your baby.

Having been through this several times with our own dogs and cats, here are a few tips that worked quite well for us to ensure everyone settled in nicely.

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Parenting the third time around

Parenting the third time aroundI was chatting with a friend the other day when she asked how I was finding life with three children.

I smiled and told her I was doing things differently this time around and taking the chance to really enjoy these moments with my third little girl.

In the back of my mind I am realising that every first for my baby girl will also be the last for me.

So instead of wishing away the late night feeds and wakings, I am learning to enjoy them; instead of looking ahead to the next milestone, I am appreciating what is right here in front of me; instead of doing what the parenting books say, I am going with what feels right; instead of  worrying about every little thing, I’m letting some things slide because I know these moments are all too fleeting and will soon pass.

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Bringing home baby: self-care tips for mum and baby

Bringing home baby - Ever-changing Life of a MumIt’s six weeks today since my baby girl was born. They say it is around this time that the fog starts to lift and things become a little easier, but quite frankly I have never felt that to be true even after three children.

My days are filled with feeding, changing, rocking, jiggling, shushing and bathing. It takes up all my energy. What I have left to give generally goes into cleaning and taking care of her two big sisters. But while the days may be tiring, my heart is still full of so much love for my three gorgeous girls – it really is the fuel that keeps me going.

It’s so easy to feel lost in the world of a caring for newborn. After a few weeks, once all the excitement has died down and the visits have stopped from enthusiastic family and friends, it can even get slightly lonely. Those tiring days are also quite monotonous as you try to find your way into a routine that will eventually allow you to feel like you can leave the house in an alert mental state, ever just for an hour!

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