Mum versus head lice: let the battle begin

Mum versus head lice - CopyHead lice.

Even the very word gets me to start itching my head.

You would of thought after all of these years that something would have been created to get rid of these pesky little blood suckers.

Oh how I dread seeing Miss 9 hand over the pink notice from school, the same one they print off every time there is a head lice outbreak in her classroom.

Somehow a miracle occurred last year and my daughter got through an entire school year without once contracting head lice! Yes, a whole year! Now that was something to celebrate, particularly if you compare it to the year before when I seriously lost count of the number of times I had to remove those awful little creatures from my daughter’s hair.

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The school yard journey

The school yard journey - Ever-changing Life of a MumIt’s going to be another big year of change in the Ever-changing Life of a Mum household.

If resigning from my job to spend more time with my family last year wasn’t enough, there’s more to come with my youngest daughter set to start school this week and our soon-to-be youngest baby girl due to arrive at the end of March.

With Miss 5 heading off for her first day at school this Friday, I’m wondering where those years have gone. It also brings back so many memories of my eldest daughter starting school.

It only feels like yesterday that Miss 9 walked through those school gates for the very first time. The whole idea seemed so daunting to me. I think I was more nervous than my daughter. Even though she’d been attending childcare several days a week, school was like a whole new ball game. The school grounds seemed so open. No more locked gates and doors to keep her safe and secure inside a building or yard. It was like I was letting her out into the big wide world for the very first time.

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Ready, steady, school: my back to school tips

Ready steady school - Ever-changing Life of a MumWith less than two weeks left until the end of school holidays, I’m sure many parents are still scrambling around at the last minute to pull together their children’s back to school items.

In the last few years this has been a fairly simple process for me as I have only needed to top up on the essentials for my eldest daughter who is going into Grade 4. But this year, I needed to start from scratch as my youngest daughter is starting prep.

Here are a few of my tips for pulling together some of those essential back to school items.

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