An interview with my children – 2016

An interview with my children 2016 - Ever-changing Life of a MumHere we are back again for this year’s instalment of ‘An interview with my children’.

Last year during the September school holidays, I was finding it difficult to make the time to blog so I had the idea of asking my children a series of questions to record moments of their life, their hopes, their dreams and some of their favourite things. It worked out so well that I decided it would be interesting to ask the same questions each year to see how their answers change as they grow.

These school holidays just flew by – seriously, where is this year going?! – but I had time at the end of last week to quickly interview my girls so I thought I’d still pop the answers up on the blog now as they begin Term 4.

Once again, only my two older girls participated this year but I really look forward to when I can include my youngest daughter as well and hear answers from all three of them … I’m sure it will make for some pretty funny and rather cute responses in years to come!

For now, here’s the 2016 edition with Miss 7 and Miss 11.

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Happy 1st bloggy birthday!

Happy 1st bloggy birthday - Ever-changing Life of a MumA year ago today I launched my blog into the online world! Cue fireworks!

I set up this blog as a creative outlet after making the big decision in June last year to leave my full time communications job to focus on spending more time with my young family.

I had never been without a reason to write before, having worked as both a journalist and in public relations for the past 15 years. I needed to focus that energy somewhere, so this blog was it. My new passion, something I could take wherever I wanted.

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The award I almost forgot…

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers AwardIt has been a crazy time in the Ever-changing Life of a Mum household of late, so much so that it has taken me four months to get round to writing this post!

Back in June, I was nominated by fellow blogger Kelly from Mum-bo-Jumbo for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Massive apologies to Kelly for it taking so long to getting round to finally answering your questions!

Over the past few weeks, I have seen posts from other bloggers receiving the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, each time reminding me that I must get around to answering the questions given to me.

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